First blog post.

A couple weeks ago I was thinking about starting a blog while I sat relaxing in my parents hotel room in Seattle. Not knowing where I’m going in this world had me overwhelmed with thoughts that I feel like I should share and even more overwhelmed by how incredibly blessed I am in this very moment.

I am healthy. Incredibly so. My surgery over this past winter break has allowed me to heal so much and not be sick near as often this semester. I’m so grateful to have had healthcare and insurance all my life that has blessed me with this health. Getting back into running/jogging recently has made me feel better than ever. I need to keep with this habit!

I have options. SO many options! As scary as it is most days it’s really such a wonderful thing to have so many things to be able to do. I am lucky to have choices about where my future is going. Many people have their futures planned out for them and have no voice in what they’re going to do.  I do.

I have a supportive family. Of course we’re not perfect, but they will stand behind me and help me with whatever happens.

My friends are truly the very best in the whole entire world. I am so so lucky to be able to call them my friends and talk to them all the time. They are the best humans I know- smart, sweet, beautiful, kind, giving, patient, and so many other adjectives that are fabulous. And for some reason they let me hang out with them, ha!

I have an excellent education and a job I love. My schooling has been top notch and I’ve worked hard and earned my way through with zero student loans. As close to impossible as that is these days, I feel even luckier. I love working with the children I do and being the one they trust and talk to and depend on. They are so much fun and they keep me creative and young.

I am honestly so, so blessed.


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