It’s getting so real!

This whole real life thing, I mean!

Last night I made the call.

The big one. 

The job accepting one.


I don’t think this fully hit me last night, but it’s hitting me now!

I’ve never known anything different than going back to school after summer, but this time I will just keep on working. Like a real grown up human– what?!? I mean, I’ll be teaching, so of course I’ll be in a school, but in a totally different capacity. I think it will be interesting to be on this side of the desk and figure out how this is going to work.

Teaching last summer was a lot of fun, and I definitely enjoyed being around my older brother more. This time I’ll be living on my own for the first time, and really starting a new life. This time there’s no coming back to Agnes after summer! It’s an exciting feeling to know that I’ll be able to do this and that I really made it, but at the same time, I’m terrified! It’ll be a whole different kind of learning as a develop and grow as a teacher and do my best to do right by these kids. People are trusting me to educate their children- Wow!

This life is moving so fast, I’m holding on while I can!


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