Not mine, don’t worry!

My niece had a baby a couple weeks ago and I’ve been looking through her newborn photos lately. They are so precious. The moment I met this boy I fell in love. He’s got a strong hold on his great-auntie’s heart!

I mean look at him!

Baby Bau

Those eyes are always so alert and checking everything out! He is seriously the first newborn I’ve ever heard of being so interested in what is going on. He was even trying to hold his own little head up at only a couple days old! I know, I know, everyone thinks their kid is special and great. But I mean come on…

Baby Bau Yawn

How could I not think this sweet boy was the most special in the world? I feel so blessed that he was born right when I was around for spring break. I like to think he knew and wanted to meet me. With the job I just accepted, I’ll be close by him and get to see him grow up for at least a few months while I’m there (or however long I stay). I’m a lucky lady.


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