Happy Easter!

Whether today is about Jesus or bunnies and chocolate or just another Sunday, I hope today is a lovely day for each of you!

For me, this Sunday is for data analysis and spending time with my sweet roommate. I will work out later and watch The Walking Dead and hopefully get to sleep at a decent time tonight.

Last year, I went to church with one of my friends whose family invited me to go with them. It was such a great experience and I’ve been reflecting on that a lot today. That day after church the mom gave me an Easter basket and her dad took us all out to brunch and they were just lovely human beings. What really hit me was the sermon at the church we went to. I’m not a super religious person but the message was still very uplifting. That day I was surrounded with so much love and was filled with energy and life.

After that, I wrote the following.

At one point during the sermon, the pastor said something that stuck with me and hit me like a ton of bricks- in a good way. It also helped that he used a Lord of the Rings analogy, haha.

He talked about, when leaving the theater after seeing the first part of the trilogy, a couple in front of him was discussing the movie. The woman was saying how it was such an awful ending to the story (the movie ends with the characters being in a bad spot, Gandalf has died and things don’t look good). Then the man said to her “Honey, the story isn’t over yet.” And I know it’s a silly reference to a movie but the point is that even though things looked bleak and looked like this is how things are ending, it’s important to realize that this isn’t the end of the story. Not in the trilogy, and not in life. 

Whether you believe that’s because Christ is risen and gives the promise of life after death, or you believe that there is nothing after death, it’s important to remember that even while we are here, the story isn’t over. 

You may be sitting in the greatest letdown ever, thinking that this is the worst ending to a story ever, but it isn’t over. You have to trust that there is more.

Your story isn’t over yet.

Reflecting on this today has been really helpful. I think that as I get closer and closer to this huge transition in life- leaving college, moving, joining in the real world- I think it’s important to really remember this. The story isn’t over. It seems like the end of a lot because I am leaving everything I’ve ever known (friends, school, etc). But this is just the beginning of something bigger and better than I’ve ever experienced. It’s scary, but it’s exciting to think that there’s always more to my story that remains to be written.


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