“But teachers don’t make anything! You won’t be able to afford things!”

I’ve heard these things a few times lately as if I hadn’t thought about the financial implications of my job of choice. For me, money’s not what will determine my future career aspirations. I want to do something I’m passionate about and that I can enjoy. Right now, that’s teaching for me. That may change with time but for now I have a job that I love and that I don’t dread going to work to.

I may not get financial rewards or have fancy things, but I have enough.

And I have them:

2013-04-04 19.39.10 2013-03-05 16.45.03

Though these kids are some that I babysit rather than teach, I still believe that they are helping me to become a better teacher every day. I believe that building relationships with children is essential to being able to teach them and that understanding how they think and learn is incredibly important.

That’s enough for me, for now.

I will be the best teacher I can be. I will be poor and happy.


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