Weekend recap!

This past weekend was lots of fun and filled to the brim with friends, food, and of course- homework.

First, on Friday morning I rang the bell! Ringing the bell is a huge tradition at Agnes Scott. As a senior, when you get into grad school or accept your first real job, you get to go up to the bell tower and ring the bell to let everyone know about your accomplishments. It was definitely a proud moment for me and I was shaking most the time. Afterward I was so happy and nervous I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or both! It was a lot of fun!

IMG_20130412_114117      547256_10151676212013488_428411535_n      58949_10151326761721315_1982301128_n

After that I had my usual Friday mornings (for LU and such) and then walked out on the quad to see this cute kid! My friend Emma babysits him and they came to visit campus for a bit. He is my favorite and gives me my baby fix when I need it. He’s super adorable and so happy.

2013-04-12 15.51.55       2013-04-12 15.50.52

Then Friday night was Spring Fling! I thought about not going, but my sweet friends convinced me to put on a pretty dress and go have fun and I am so glad they did. We had a blast hanging out and dancing the night away. I also got my palm read and apparently I have the mark of an educator (surprise), will have 3 kids and be married once. I’ll take it! I’ll be excited to see our “professional” pictures from that night and I know Camille has some on her camera too but for now I have these! (featuring my loves Larricia, Camille, and Megan)

2013-04-12 22.09.30      2013-04-12 22.10.13      2013-04-12 22.11.08

Saturday was for recovering from the exhausting night (my feet were definitely hurting!) and getting work done. At night though, Megan and I decided to go to Panera because of the wedding happening on campus. My GPS took us in a round-a-bout way to get there but it meant we drove through a neighborhood of beautiful houses that we drooled over and said “someday” about. Then we discovered this adorable little park! It was so fun!

2013-04-13 19.54.04      2013-04-13 19.53.21

And of course, knowing me, I had to get in the water! I took a little trip across the creek to “look for gators” and splash around a little.

2013-04-13 19.59.44      2013-04-13 19.56.47

Sunday was a relaxing day with lots of class reading and napping and Netflix watching. A good weekend, overall. Now time for another week of classes and research! Hard to believe I’m only 26 days from graduation!


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