Leadership Awards and SpARC!

Tuesday was the college’s leadership awards, and as a student leader (President of our Latina organization on campus, Latinas Unidas) I was invited. I was also recognized as part of Who’s Who Among America’s College Students. It was a great night that really acknowledged all the hard work that students do to create programs and promote awareness of different issues within the community.

2013-04-23 19.29.51      2013-04-23 19.33.32

A little fun was had with the balloons afterward  🙂

Yesterday (Thursday) was our Spring Annual Research Conference. Students (mostly seniors) are able to present what they’ve been working on and show everyone their findings. It’s a really great thing to have on campus that we all feel pretty lucky to have. Most students have been doing research for the semester leading up to this. However, I’ve been working on mine for a year!

2013-04-25 10.06.57

It was an extra stressful week leading up to the conference. I was finalizing data analysis, creating my presentation, practicing, timing, and organizing everything. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be ready.

Then, yesterday, it all came together! My presentation went smoothly and a lot of people actually came to watch. Only a few were my friends to support me but the rest were honestly interested in the subject. It felt good to give a presentation on what I’d been working on for so long that people enjoyed. A few of my deans and professors also came out. Celebrity status, ha.

Most of my presentation won’t make sense without me talking and explaining everything, but here are my title and thesis slides!

title slide      thesis

It’s been a great and busy week. This weekend begins the paper writing. Over 50 pgs in the next week need to be written, so I’ll be keeping busy still! Here we go!



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