Almost there!

Yesterday was my last day of undergraduate classes… ever.

Which is kind of a big deal. Or at least it’s supposed to be. I feel like the only member of my graduating class who wasn’t posting on Facebook about how excited they were to be done with classes and how different they felt.

I’ve been struggling with this today because I don’t feel any different. Yesterday felt like any other day of class and then work and then home. Today didn’t feel different either. I think I half expected to wake up and find that I magically felt like this whole graduation thing is real.

It doesn’t seem real at all.

The countdown is at 10 days until graduation. About 50 pages of writing stand between me and that diploma (my senior research thesis and a couple take-home exams).

Maybe it’s because I still have a lot of work to get done before I can really be done and stop stressing. Maybe it’s because I’m sick– it’s just a cold, but it’s exhausting me. Maybe I’m still in denial about moving away from my life here and going back to cold Idaho. I can’t really pinpoint why this is happening.

Maybe I’m not supposed to feel any different, but I feel like I should. I’ve been looking forward to my college graduation my whole life. This has always been the goal. And maybe that’s part of it too. Now that I am reaching this goal- the furthest one I’ve ever really set for myself- I don’t really know what to do. I mean I know that I’ll be teaching for a bit and at this point I hope to return to Atlanta at some point and possibly grad school but I’m really not sure.

I’m really looking forward to the day where I wake up and feel accomplished and different. I know I’ll get there one day, but it sure would be nice if it was soon!


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