Today, as my students were hiking this hill, cheering each other on, sweating together, struggling together, and laughing together, other children were huddled in back bathrooms on a lock down.

Today, as my students were triumphantly smiling for more pictures and making “muscle man” poses, the only cameras others saw were news cameras.

Today, as my children ran freely in a park, played innocently in the lawn and on the playground, others faced fear and danger.

Today, I am again reminded of how blessed I have been to work in a place that is, so far, considered safe. I am blessed to not have had major security problems. I am blessed that I can field trip days like today. I am blessed that my students are all safe.

However, my school has similar safety and security procedures as this one and it reminds me just how uncertain each day can be.

I will hug each of my students a little tighter tomorrow as they come in, and we will review lock down procedures once more tomorrow.

Though my time with my students ends on Friday, their safety will forever be important. 

Every student’s safely will forever be important. My heart is heavy for the children in Decatur that had to go through what they did today and that people still think it is okay to do things like this in schools. I am thankful that no one was injured.

I am thankful. I am blessed.


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