Taking Stock!

I’ve been so out of touch with this blog lately, and I promise that is changing soon (I leave Atlanta tomorrow).

But in the mean time, I figured this would be a good way to catch up without making too lengthy of a blog post about everything that’s happening lately! (Idea from the lovely Pip!)

Making: Plans for more job searching when I get back to Idaho.
Cooking: Eggs all the time. Because that’s pretty much the only thing left in the fridge right now.
Drinking: Pumpkin Spice Lattes like it’s my job.
Reading: The Smart One by Jennifer Close.
Looking: For a job. Seriously.
Playing: Candy Crush Saga entirely too much.
Wasting: time watching Grey’s Anatomy but it’s oh-so-good.
Fixing: My dress a lot today because it keeps twisting. Personal problem, I know.
Deciding: Whether to move to Atlanta permanently.
Wishing: The answers would just come to me magically.
Enjoying: Time spent here in Atlanta with friends and my boyfriend.
Waiting: To hear back from a few companies that may or may not hire me.
Liking: Having time to just sit and relax sometimes.
Wondering: What I must have done in a past life to receive the best friends I could ever ask for.
Loving: The weather! It’s been perfect. A little chilled but not too cold!
Pondering: Which direction to go in for my Master’s degree.
Considering: Asking my boyfriend to get me a Pumpkin Spice latte on his way home today. I had a job interview so I totally earned it!
Watching: Grey’s Anatomy and Weeds. Wanting Scandal to come back so I can be watching that.
Hoping: For a job offer soon!
Marveling: Over how sweet little kids can be. I interviewed at a preschool today and the kids were already all about talking to me! It was so precious!
Needing: To figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.
Smelling: Fall. FALL! Yay! This season makes me so happy.
Wearing: A nice black interview dress and cardigan. And sparkly flats. Cause, ya know, personality.
Following: Along with the story that’s been breaking in Kenya. Breaking my heart.
Noticing: How different larger, co-ed colleges are from my small women’s college. I’m currently typing this while Chase (my boyfriend) is in class and I’m sitting in a common area and people are just SO different. Not bad, just different.
Knowing: That my education meant something, darn it.
Thinking: That there’s gotta be something more.
Feeling: Happy, confused, conflicted, loved.
Admiring: Every human with a real job.
Buying: Nothing now, my paychecks have run out, therefore the money is gone!
Getting: Ready to head home tomorrow.
Bookmarking: Job descriptions to apply for later.
Opening: My mind to different types of jobs and to the fact that I need one that will give me health insurance.
Giggling: Over ALL the things. My friends are silly. My boyfriend makes me laugh so hard sometimes I can’t breathe. Again, my friends are hilarious.
Feeling: Again, content and confused all at the same time.

Cheers to you, from my Pumpkin Spice Latte loving self.

2013-09-21 13.56.58


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