Interview Clothes!

As a part of this lovely unemployed life style, I’ve been applying to jobs like it is my job. Which thankfully means I’ve been doing quite a few interview these past couple weeks. Hopefully I’ll have more to come in this coming week, and hopefully one of them will lead to an actual job!

But, because I’ve been interviewing a bunch, I have close-to-perfected the interview outfit, depending on what I’m going for. I put together a few outfits on Polyvore that are either exactly what I’ve been wearing or pretty similar. Hopefully this can help someone else out there looking for the perfect interview outfit to land their next great job!

When I was interviewing during the summer and in Georgia, I would usually wear a simple dress- cardigan- flats combo. Here, it’s colder, so I’ve adjusted the wardrobe a bit! And bonus, every piece can be bought for under $50! I’m a total sale shopper so I don’t go for super expensive stuff!

Outfit number one- The office/ PR/ Admin job outfit (s):


Basic black knee-length dress, no cleavage, with a cardigan or blazer over. Or, the other option, basic black dress pants with a jewel or deeper toned top, like my cowl-neck one I’ve been wearing around here. Or the classic white button down with a color cami underneath. I, of course, am a fan of these glitter flats. I know I need to keep it professional, but a little personality never hurts, either!

Option number 2- Casual Teaching Job outfit:

polyvore 2

When I’m interviewing for a younger-age teaching position, I know I most often will be actually interacting with the children. It’s called a “working interview” usually and I love doing them. Those kids have always given me life. This means, however, that I have to be dressed nicely, but comfortably enough that I can be moving around, lifting kids, sitting on the floor, crouching, etc. So I turn to this. My basic black pants, my FAV super soft purple cardigan. Seriously, this sweater is the greatest thing ever. I want to wear it every day. And then simple accessories, And of course an appearance from those glitter flats!

Option number three- A versatile outfit because I feel like it:

polyvore 3

This one I’ve worn for various sorts of interviews. It’s one of my favorites because it can be used for just about anything. I love pearls (the south influenced me!) And a shocker- no glitter flats! I always go with flats regardless, but I included some nude pumps here for those of you who like heels.

What are your go-to interview pieces? Have any tips for me on my seemingly never-ending job search?


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