Taking Stock: Mid-December Check in!

I am finally employed (!!!) and have hardly any time to be writing now, but I promise an update during the holidays and to be better to this blog in the new year. For now, let me do a quick “taking stock” for now before I head to bed.

Making: Lists of things I want in my new apartment
Cooking: Nothing, currently! Lunch for work tomorrow is in the fridge.
Drinking: Water like it’s my job.
Reading: The Hunger Games. Yep, finally@
Wanting: To go home for a couple days (I’ll admit it)
Looking: Forward to how this new job will turn out.
Playing: With Patches, my friend’s dog. I’m dog-sitting while she’s visiting family!
Deciding: Where my life is going next.
Wishing: I had been the person in Atlanta who won the lottery.
Enjoying: Time to myself for a bit. My roommate and the boy thing are both out of time so I’m enjoying my own company.
Waiting: For it to be a decent time to go to bed. I’m sleepy!
Liking: My “keep moving” playlist on Spotify. So on point.
Wondering: Where I’ll be in a year.
Loving: All my friends for being so incredibly supportive while I need it.
Pondering: How much I should realistically budget for rent.
Considering: Living closer to work in a smaller apartment for the convenience and experience of living in the city.
Watching: Revenge! My latest Netflix obsession.
Hoping: For a good holiday.
Marveling: Over how things can change so drastically, so quickly.
Needing: To iron my shirt for tomorrow. Ugh.
Smelling: Nail polish. Just finished doing my nails.
Wearing: Sweats and a t-shirt. It’s pajama time around here.
Following: The stories that my mom keeps texting me about my sweet great nephews and niece. I love hearing about those babies!
Noticing: That making it till January 10th without a paycheck is going to be complicated. Oops.
Knowing: That it will all turn out the way it should.
Admiring: Successful friends as their lives settle out. Someday.
Buying: Work clothes! Teacher clothes do not equal City Hall clothes!
Getting: Used to the idea of working for the Mayor
Bookmarking: Pages for apartments I’m looking at.
Giggling: Over silly things this dog does.
Feeling: Grateful. Anxious. Blessed. Busy.


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