I’m employed again! And it feel so good to say that.

It’s been a long time coming, but as promised, here’s what’s going on in my world!

First and foremost, I got a job! I am now working in City Hall in the mayor’s office! I am beyond excited and extra thankful for my friend Megan who said my name in her office enough times to get her boss to think of me when a job came up! I’ve only been here about a week, but so far I’m loving it. The people in my office are so incredibly kind and hard working, I know I’ll be able to learn a lot from them. And apparently they like me so far because most of this week I’ve been the only one in the office and I already feel confident with what I’m doing. Plus, the view from my desk isn’t too shabby either!

This is seriously what I get to look at all day, every day! When it's not the holiday season, it's a fountain. Gorgeous.

This is seriously what I get to look at all day, every day! When it’s not the holiday season, it’s a fountain. Gorgeous.

One thing that is very different from any job I’ve had before is the dress code! From my nursing job in scrubs to my private school teaching job in casual clothes, being in an extremely professional environment is new. I’m slowly going to be building up a work wardrobe, but for now I have just enough of the basics to get by. Have any suggestions for me about dressing professionally on a budget? Please feel free to share them! Again- I am OH so thankful for my sweet friend Megan who also happens to have a fabulous wardrobe and allows me to borrow her clothes, and shoes, and apartment!

Additionally, I’ve started the apartment hunting process. Living with my best friend is fun but I know I need my own place. Both of us enjoy time together but also enjoy our space and alone time. The options are a little overwhelming but I feel like I’m narrowing it down. It’s hard to decide if I want to live in a place close to work or a place a little further out that’s bigger and has more options. Decisions, decisions. I’ve fallen in love with one place that’s just sliiiiightly outside of my budget range so I’m considering moving some things around. But in reality I know I’ll be happy and be able to make a home out of wherever I end up. It’ll be fun to get all set up. Next week begins the tours, then deciding after that! I’ll make sure to post pictures of before and after my move in too! I’m so glad that my internet community will be sharing this experience with me as well!

That’s all that’s going on in my little corner of the world. Catch me up on what’s been going on in yours?


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