Weekly Wishes!


For the first time, I’m linking up with Melyssa from The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes! This is a space to share what I’m hoping to accomplish this week, and taking a look at what I’ve accomplished so far. I thought the new year would be a good time to start this up, and it’ll be a good way to hold myself accountable!

For this week, my wishes are to 1) Work out at least 2 days this week, 2) Make some decisions on apartments, and 3) get through this inauguration!
I signed up for The Color Run yesterday and I’m really excited about it. The picture above is from when the last time I did it! It’s in April so that gives me plenty of time to train for it as long as I stick to it. I also really need to do some decision making when it comes to apartments. I’m trying to move as soon as I can so that I’m not totally taking over my friend’s apartment! With the 2 of us and the dog it’s getting a little crowded! And today is the Mayor’s inauguration! Yay! So this one might be cheating a little bit because it’s going to happen today but it’s a big deal so I’m counting it. I’m really excited about it and I think it’ll be a great day, it’s just a big event that our office has been working hard on so I want to see it go smoothly!
What are your weekly wishes? Join the link up and see what everyone else is doing too!
The Nectar Collective

5 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes!

    • It is SO fun! The first time I did it I walked quite a bit with some friends and it didn’t even matter. Everyone from serious runners to those of us there for the fun had a blast and ended up covered in color!


  1. Hey girl, you commented on my no-reply blogger post saying that you think you fixed your blog. Unfortunately, it looks like you’re still a no-reply blogger. 😦 Feel free to email me (susannah.kellogg (at) gmail.com) if you need some different tips.


  2. Hi, Found you thru Weekly Wishes. I put working out as one of my wishes too. Its so hard to get back on track. I’ve heard the Color Run is so much fun. I should sign up for it as well.


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