From Neither Here Nor There to The Journey!

the road

This is the road I walked daily in Uganda. One of my most memorable journeys!

[I’ll be posting my Weekly Wishes later on today, stay tuned for that. I made some progress this week that I am SO excited to share with you!]


As you may have noticed, over the weekend I’ve transitioned from Neither Here Nor There to The Journey! I thought it was a bit more appropriate for where I am in life and what this blog is all about. Instead of focusing on where I am not, I’m focusing on where I am– My Journey.

We all know the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote about “Life is a journey, not a destination.” I really feel like while before, I was really in an in between place. I wasn’t where I belonged, but I was further along than where I had started. I was focusing on that destination of “someday.” As I’ve settled into my job and life here in Atlanta, I’m really seeing the joy and the excitement in this journey.

I really don’t know where my destination is. And that’s ok.

For now, this part of my journey, I’m exploring and learning and treasuring each moment and step that I’m taking on my way. My life right now is about the journey.

You’ll see a few more changes in the coming week- A new sidebar, some transitions in the heading, and more regular posting from me.

I really want to be better about documenting this journey, and I thank you all for following along!


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