Weekly Wishes!

How has another week gone by already? It seems like yesterday I wrote last week’s wishes out and it’s already Tuesday before I’m doing this week’s! This weekend was for shopping for new things for my apartment, moving furniture in my friend Megan’s apartment, and relaxing and being grateful for an extra day of rest and reflection because of the holiday.

Last week’s goals were to:

1) Get bedding for my new mattress! 2) Work out 2 days this week. 3) Sign a lease for a new apartment! 4) Create my first Creative Collective post. 

I’d say I did pretty well!

I did get some sheets and a mattress pad for my bed, but I’m holding out on a comforter until I find the PERFECT one that I can just fall in love with. I have enough bedding for now, but I’d like a new one to bring it all together. I got my workouts in! AND I got approved for my lease so now I just have to wait a couple months before I can move in (I’m holding out for my ideal location and floor plan)! And as for my Creative Collective post, I failed a little by not making what I planned and posting it late, but it ended up turning out alright! I’m still working on another Word of the Year project, but I have a feeling that one I’ll do as I get closer to my moving date.

For this week, I’d really like to:

1) Keep working out and work on running longer distances. The weather going from 5 degrees up to 65 yesterday definitely helps me want to get out there more!

2) This weekend- work on getting a few more things for my apartment. I’m doing this slowly but surely so that when I move in I’ll already have most of what I need!

3) Keep to my budget! Last weekend I went and did some shopping with my friend Megan and we each got some incredible deals on things for our apartments. However, that means that this week we are on ramen and PB&J budgets. We’re working on being better at adulting. 

As usual, linking up with Melyssa and others for Weekly Wishes!

The Nectar Collective

2 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes!

  1. Its so hard to keep to a budget. Especially when you are so used to using a debit card. You can only see the swipe not how much is actually going out. Ramen is good though! Try adding chicken and broccoli to it. I live off that stuff.


    • Ugh, budgeting. I’m making a spreadsheet tonight for all of my expenses so I can be more strict with myself. And that’s such a great idea. I think there’s some chicken in the back of my freezer somewhere. I should throw it in the ramen and shake things up!


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