5 reasons why Flappy Bird is SO. DARN. ADDICTING.

Something’s come over my office. It’s been making us all less productive and less social. It’s been simultaneously uniting us and tearing us apart.

Not an illness, not a tragedy. It’s…. Flappy Bird.

Yes, that really is my pathetically low score.

Yes, that really is my pathetic high score.

The annoyingly low-tech app that has seemed to spread like wildfire lately. It spread though my office in a matter of hours and has had all of us college-educated working professionals cursing like teenagers and fearing phone calls coming our way that will interrupt game play. Now, we aren’t an office to be slacking, and our work is all still getting done, of course, but it’s at the mercy of a little flappy bird. It seems so childish but it’s oh-so-satisfying.

Now, 5 reasons that I think this game has become so popular:

1. It’s easy. All you do is tap the screen to make the bird fly through the (Mario-esque) pipes. Seriously. That’s it.

2. But it’s really, really hard. You try again and again to make it past 1 just to nose-dive and die at 2. And then you want to play again because you have to make it past 3. But then there’s the promise of 5…

3. It never ends. Even those who are really good at it (aka my boss, who holds the high score record in our office) you can still always do better! There is no reward for getting to a certain score- just a certain death and having to start all over again.

4. You don’t have to buy anything, ever. There’s no buying new levels or shiny coins that make your bird fly better or get rid of some pipes. Other than the adds at the top of the game that kind of just sit there out of the way, there’s nothing that you can buy to make you better.

5. It makes you mad, frustrated, and determined. Nothing like some good old fashioned competition against yourself to get your blood pumping. Every time that bird falls to the ground because he why-can’t-he-just-fly-himself-dangit?! You get more and more sure that you NEED to pass that level. And so it begins, all over again.

Have you gotten into the Flappy Bird craze? Is it something that should have been left in high school? What’s your high score?

Poor Bird!

Poor Bird!


6 thoughts on “5 reasons why Flappy Bird is SO. DARN. ADDICTING.

  1. I had to delete this app. It made me so made. Think my highest score was 8. That sucks. No maybe it was 7. I just couldn’t deal with that. And your right I’ve heard it never ends. That makes it even worse. Like at least give the bird special powers or something when you reach a certain level or something.


    • He did! Apparently it was too much to handle so he decided to get rid of it! I got rid of the app too, I understand the unnecessary stress!


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