Weekly Wishes!

candy heartsLast week I made my Monthly Goals so this week I’ll jump right into this weeks wishes!

1. Pull off a successful surprise for my boyfriend’s birthday. It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and I’m TERRIBLE with secrets because I physically do not know how to lie. So far I’ve been doing good and I just have to make it to Thursday before I spill the beans.!

2. Get in a few good workouts despite the big storm we’re supposed to be having this week! Hopefully we don’t get all snowed in again, but they’re saying we’re about to.

3. Figure out my banking status. Because of suspected fraudulent activity my bank put a hold on my account and cancelled my card. I super appreciate that they are looking out for my money, but they didn’t tell me that they were doing that so I was left at the Target check out line trying to figure out why I couldn’t use my card. We mostly got it figured out but I have yet to get a new card. I’m hoping that comes in this week so I can have money again!

Of course, linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes!

The Nectar Collective
What are your goals for the week? Share them so I can cheer you on!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes!

  1. Good Luck with your bank! I’ve been having lots of problems recently and it is especially bad because I live abroad! I totally appreciate them looking out for me but it gets annoying sometimes to always have a hold put on my card! Hope you have a good Valentine’s Day!!!

    xoxoxo Jordan


  2. Hi Destiny! I found your blog on the Weekly Wishes link up and wanted to say hi! I like the photo you have for your post (though I can’t eat those hearts… too chalky)! I hope the party works out. I totally know what it’s like being unable to keep things a secret for long. I’m sure it’ll be great though. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your banking troubles too, those are always so annoying to deal with. 😦 Hopefully they get resolved quickly! Have a great week and good luck with the goals!


    • Thanks so much! I’m so happy that I’ve been able to mostly complete my goals for the week already! I know my bank is just looking out for me, but it’s frustrating to not be able to use my own money.


    • Thank you! I was barely able to keep the secret but I succeeded! Unfortunately the weather had different plans so we didn’t actually get to go, but he was still surprised! I hope yours went well too!


  3. I wondering if you can try and set up a text notification or something. My bank always calls me if they suspect fraudulant activitiy. The bank lady will ask me about recent purchases and I tell her whether they are my purchases or not. If not, she’ll cancel the transaction. It works nicely and I don’t get my card canceled or anything unless I ask them. 🙂


    • That’s such a great idea! I should look into that. It’s just a local bank from back home in Idaho so I’m not sure if they are that fancy, but it’s worth asking about! I had to laugh because the activity they expected was fraudulent was just a really big shopping day for me, haha.


  4. Oh man, you’re ahead of me! I haven’t planned anything for Valentine’s yet. Good luck keeping the secret this week, hopefully he’ll be pleasantly surprised!!


    • I’m so excited to share about it because I just know it’s going to be so much fun! We’ve got a snow storm coming though so hopefully that won’t shut down the city again and ruin my plans!


  5. Ugh, banking woes are the worst. I always want to shout ‘but it’s myyyy monneeeeyyy!’ whenever the bank cancel my card, even though I know they’re just being cautious. I’m sure you’ll make it to Thursday fine with your surprise, can’t wait to hear what it is!


    • Exactly! The money is there, I want to use it! Thankfully I don’t have bills to pay this week, it’s just stressful not having the ability to pay for things. I’m excited to post about Thursday just as soon as it’s over. That boyfriend of mine is creeping on my blog to try to figure it out, haha.


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