Weekly Wishes!

Another week has flown by around these parts, thanks mostly to the ice storm we had that gave us a nice weekend in the middle of the week. We worked Monday and Friday last week and that’s it! The rest of the week was spent taking long walks/ skates on the ice, snuggling my friend Megan’s puppy, and cooking just about ALL the food ever. Because why not?

On to my goals, last week’s wishes were to:

1. Pull off a successful surprise for my boyfriend’s birthday. Done! The snow made it so we couldn’t go, but I told him what was going to happen and we rescheduled to do it in a couple weeks.

2. Get in a few good workouts despite the big storm we’re supposed to be having this week! Did it! One workout I’m counting is moving all my furniture things into storage until I move next month. They were just taking up too much space and lifting all that gave me a good arm workout!

3. Figure out my banking status. Finally taken care of! Got a brand new bank and saving plan in order!

I feel pretty accomplished for last week! Now onto this week’s wishes. I hope to:

1. Budget! I got a little crazy this weekend buying bedding for my new apartment and getting excited about having money again from fixing my bank. This week I need to work on controlling my spending so I can put more into savings!

2. Catch up with friends. Is it bad that I need to make this a conscious goal? Probably, but it’s needed. I’ve been so back and forth and running around with life lately and I need to take a minute and spend time with people who really matter.

3. Get to bed earlier. For those of you who know me in real life this probably sounds silly because I got to bed at like 10 or 10:30, which is already early for a lot of people. I got behind on sleep this weekend though catching up on Revenge, and I need it for work!

My goals are pretty simple for this week but I feel like they’re super important. What are your goals for the week? Need some encouragement? Link up with us through Weekly Wishes!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes!

  1. Congrats on getting everything done last week, it’s pretty impressive! I am the same way about keeping up with friends, sometimes it’s hard with life being so busy! Wishing you the best of luck this week!


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