A PSA and promise from me to you:

Well, from me and almost every other receptionist out there.

And maybe this isn’t to you, because you are all wonderfully sweet people and don’t need to be told this, but just in case:

Be kind to the person who answers the phone when you call into a company, office, or government building. I understand sometimes life is frustrating and you really need help. Or you think you are the only one to ever have a specific problem. Or you’re having an emergency. (In this case, please hang up and call the authorities!)

Be Kind

I understand that your problems are important. Your call is important to me, too. I promise, really. And I will do my absolute best to help you or get you quickly to someone who can. If you call me asking about something that no one in my building does, I will do my best to find you the number of the right person to call. Heck, if you call asking for the number to Home Depot, I’ll look that up for you. (I mean, I’d rather you not call City Hall for that, but I’ll do what I can. I’ve done it before.)

I promise to you that I am doing my best. I promise that everyone in City Hall really is working to make this city run as smoothly as possible, but it’s a big city and sometimes we can’t fix every single thing. But if you call, we will try. Hard.

So if and when you call, please be kind to the person answering the phone. Speak to them with the kindness you would extend to a friend. If you call and immediately begin to curse at me or yell at me, it doesn’t feel good. I’ll still help you if I can, but it really doesn’t help your situation, or mine.

I promise I do not control the snow. The storms that come are not my fault. If I could make it sunny year-round I would, but unfortunately that’s not something I, or the mayor, has control over.

I promise I did not make that cop ticket your car while it was illegally parked. That’s his JOB.

I promise I will do my best, if you will please do yours.


2 thoughts on “A PSA and promise from me to you:

  1. I say this all the time. Just because you don’t like the outcome of something doesnt’ mean you have to be mean about it. You are just the messenger.


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