Welcoming March | Monthly Wishes

A little preview of my new kitchen! A post on that coming soon!

A little preview of my new kitchen! A post on that coming soon!

How is it that March just kind of snuck up on us and came out of nowhere? February has always been a strange and difficult month on me, and this year was no different. However, February’s challenges seemed to be easier to handle this year and whether that means they came in a more gentle way or I’m getting tougher about these things, I’ll take it! I filled my month up with plans that created love around me and celebrated the people I care about most, and I really think that’s a strategy I’m going to be continuing.
Since I didn’t go weekly wishes last week, I really just extended my goals from the week before. Here’s how it went:

1. Budget! Mission semi-accomplished. I did really well not spending, but then I moved into an apartment that was slightly over-budget. More on that later this week!

2. Catch up with friends. Done! I made plans with a few different friends in these past weeks and got caught up and even had a couple date nights with the boyfriend.

3. Get to bed earlier. Not so much… I need to be better about sleeping. I am pretty physically incapable of sleeping in (even on weekends!) so going to bed early is the only way for me to catch up. I’ll keep working on it!

Aaaaand February’s goals!

1) Buy a planner and get everything planned out. Done! And it’s beautiful and everything my nerdy self ever dreamed of. 

2) Do more reading. I did better, but I’d still like to take more time for myself to read.

3) Paint my kitchen table and chairs! Nope! But I actually like how they are looking now so I’m debating painting them at all!

4) Memorize the city council members and offices of the Mayor. Done! I’m pretty proud of myself for this!


Now on to this month’s goals. I applied for a new job that I’ll find out about by the end of next week, so depending on how things go for that there might be some big changes around here soon!

1) Organize my new apartment! I’m going to try and get everything in it’s place so it really feels like a home ASAP.

2) Pay off my credit cards. Yep. I’m going for it. It means I’m putting myself on a spending freeze for the month but I really can’t let them get out of hand! 

3) Blog more! I’m trying to become a better blogger, and I know part of that means blogging more often. I have plenty to say, I just need to sit down and write it out!

There we have it. March’s goals and hopefully some better weather will come along with it!

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