Gratitude: A Friday Five

Today I have been struck with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for everything I have. Everything right here in my little job at my little desk in the big city.

Grateful for:

1) Mr. Michael, AKA my work uncle, who protects me from the creepers, entertains me with music and stories, hangs out with me during slow times, and is just an all around good person. It’s not his job to be here every day, much less befriend and become a protector for me, but he does it because he is kind and good and friendly.

2)  Mr. Greg the maintenance man who always greets me in the mornings as if he’s excited to see me. And of course the young guys who work with him (must be in their teens/ early 20s) who usually have a joke to share.

3) Ms. Linda, one of my work moms, who’s job may be cleaning up this joint but she goes way above and beyond for us every single day. She’s always there with the offer of a hug and encouragement. She’s one of the most genuinely happy people I know. She handles the kids that are sent here for court ordered community service and the way she works with them and teaches them to clean is phenomenal.

4) The security guards that work the doors of City Hall. A couple of the older ones will hang out in the atrium (the big area when you come into City Hall, if you’ve been here) where my desk is if they see someone questionable come in. They just observe and make sure that everything runs smoothly with them and are always there if I’m uncomfortable or need help. Plus, 2 of them have awesome mustaches. Like, Monopoly Man mustaches.

5) Everyone that works in the office. One of my best friends is included here, so it’s pretty neat! They may be across City Hall from me for most of the day but when I do see them it’s always a good time. I have so much to learn from them. From my other work mom to the boys who remind me so much of my big brothers to my boss that encourages me to keep looking forward, I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who make me feel so at home. 


What are you grateful for today?


4 thoughts on “Gratitude: A Friday Five

  1. I’m thankful that I just realized I am not following you on bloglovin anymore. I don’t get it. I was and now I guess I’m not. Your posts were never showing for me. I’m going to try again and see what happens.


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