Weekly Wishes!

It’s Monday! Which means it’s time to write out my goals for the week and link up to Weekly Wishes to keep myself accountable for following through! I’m sniffling and coughing my way through the day today and willing my body to get it together ASAP! This weekend wasn’t near as productive as I wanted it to be because my body was so exhausted from fighting this illness, so I’m hoping this week will bring better health!

Last week I wrote out my goals for the whole month of March, so I’ll get straight to this weeks goals today:

1) GET BETTER. At the end of last week I knew I was getting sick. This weekend it hit. Hard. I don’t have time for this! I need to feel better so I can do my job to the best of my abilities and so I’m not so tired all the time!

2) Clear out the living room of things that don’t belong there. When I moved in, I just put everything into the living room. Little by little I’ve been putting things where they belong but there’s still a pile of boxes in the middle of the floor!

3) Consciously enjoy this stage of life. This week will bring the final decision on if I move to a new job or not, and I’m working on really and truly being ok with however things go. I need to not be upset if I need to move for this job, and not be upset if I don’t get it and end up staying where I am. There really are great aspects to both options, I just need to remind myself of that more.

Linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes!

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