90 Days Till Summer Swimsuit Challenge!

I’m taking the bait on this one!

When Jess announced her Summer Swimsuit Challenge I knew I had to get on board with that! Jess has been a HUGE support to me lately as far as feeling good about my body and working on improving it and treating it right. With her help and encouragement I’ve done some intense meal planning for dinners that have made a TON of difference for me.

With her support, I also ordered P90X3. Yep. The exercise program. And with it comes a month of Shakeology, which I’m pretty excited about too. I’ve been putting it off for a long time, but I’m about 90 days from moving, and this program lasts 90 days. It was meant to be, right? Something like that…

So here we are. 90 days to a bikini. NINETY DAYS.

I took my “before” pictures last night (ugh) and I’m hoping for some really awesome after pictures in just a few short months! I’ve also convinced D to do this with me. He works out regularly (and is pretty studly, I think) but he’s always supportive of things I want to do, so he’s going to help motivate me and keep me on track!

90 days

Want to join in on the torture fun? Let me know so I can support you through working our buns off (literally) in the coming months!


7 thoughts on “90 Days Till Summer Swimsuit Challenge!

    • I hadn’t been thinking about them either until I saw Jess’ post! Then it hit me that I better get on it! Even without a beach vacation scheduled I know I don’t want June to come and then be wishing I had started now! I’m jealous of your April trip!


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