Weekly Wishes!

Weekly Wishes

Aren’t these flowers the prettiest! They were on sale at Home Depot this weekend and now have a joyful place in my house!

Good Monday Morning!

Does anyone else feel like they need an extra day of weekend this time around? My alarm went off this morning and I panicked thinking it was the fire alarm. Oops.

And then, just to prove to myself and the world that I was not prepared for today to happen, I fell in the shower. In. The. SHOWER. Can’t make these things up! (Wish I could, though. It hurt!)

So now I have a sprained ankle and bruises to start the week off. Ouch. But I am still determined to start my P90X3 today, even if it means doing modified versions of the reps while my ankle heals.

Aside from that, I did a bit of cooking and some DIY projects that I’m excited to share with you all throughout the week!

And with that, on to my weekly wishes.

Last weeks wishes were to:

1) Fill out all of my acceptance papers for Teach for America! Done! I’m gearing up for interviews with principals in April.

2) REALLY clear out my living room. Done! I am so proud of myself for getting everything in it’s place.

3) Plan out meals and groceries for the next 2 weeks. Oops, not quite. But I’m working on that today in conjunction with the nutrition guide of P90X3.

4) Plan out a Stone Mountain day with my girls. Didn’t happen this weekend, but I hope it will next weekend! A friend of mine is coming to visit from Kentucky and I think it’d be fun to take her!

Now on to this week-

1) Finish putting up artwork around my apartment. Just because I’m moving in a few months doesn’t mean I can’t have it look pretty for now!

2) Heal this darn ankle.  

3) Staying over from last week- Meal and Grocery Plan

4) Also staying- Plan a Stone Mountain day! I still want to do this. 

There we go! Linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes. Head on over and grad the button if you wanna join in!

The Nectar Collective

7 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes!

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  2. Good for you for taking the time to make your apartment look nice and a little more “you”! I have to admit, I’m terrible at this one– my boyfriend and I actually live in a pretty nice apartment right now but I can’t bring myself to buy the furniture I want for it/hang up the artwork I want because we plan on moving this summer. I really should though!


    • I’m with you on not buying furniture. Our living room is totally empty right now except for a coffee table and tape on the floor that I use as targets for workouts! I can’t imagine buying real furniture (a couch, etc) when I already know I won’t be there long.


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