Daily Diaries…Ish.

Today I’m linking up with Kate from Diaries of an Essex Girl to give a little recap of the past week and what I’ve been up to! I’d love to hear about what’s been going on in the day-to-day lives of you all if you want to link up as well!

This has been an exciting week in my life so I’m happy that this is the week Kate decided to introduce this idea!

Monday: Oh, Monday. I started off my day by slipping and falling in the shower. Oops. With a sprained ankle and a bruised up back, I hobbled into work and thankfully got through the day without any other mishaps. I made my way to the chiropractor after work and he realigned my back- I had majorly thrown it off in my fall. Thank goodness for doctors! I meant to start P90X3 this day, but I knew that wouldn’t have been a good idea on my ankle.

Mr. Greg my friend and maintenance man took some pity on me and set up the fountain in front of my desk to make me feel better as he saw me limping around. It’s so nice to have it up and running all day!

Tuesday: I got my official invite to a TFA interview day in Chicago next month, meaning I passed the first of my certification tests to be a Special Education teacher! This was super exciting and I began taking the first of 3 mini-classes that I need to have finished by April 10th.

Work-wise, there a town hall meeting for one of the council members that had me standing and greeting community members most of the night. It was actually pretty fun, despite my ankle wanting to cry from being on it so long. I came home exhausted and went straight to bed.

Wednesday: Booked my plane flight and confirmed my attendance for a couple days in Chicago. It’s going to be so fun! Of course I’m a bit nervous for the interviews (about 6 or 7 in one day!) but I feel confident that I can be an excellent teacher for children who need it most. My sweet Mama also had surgery this day, and thankfully it all went well and she will be recovering soon! Plus, my older sister was able to take off work to visit and take care of her for a couple weeks, so I know they will enjoy some time together.

I came home to a clean apartment (thanks D!) and a purring cat so it was a great start to the evening.

I finally started P90X3! I modified some of the exercises that required jumping because my ankle was still weak, but even so it kicked my booty! It was actually a lot of fun though and I am excited for the next 3 months to see how my body feels.

Thursday: I wore one of my favorite work dresses and finished my classes for TFA! Woo! There was an event at work that caused the atrium (where my desk is) to be decorated beautifully with flowers and it just made my whole day. Then I went home and let Tony Horton kick me into shape with some P90X3.

Friday: Work has been pretty normal so far! We’ll see how it goes the rest of the day! My friend Dani will be visiting this weekend and I’m excited to show her around Atlanta now that I can walk again without pain!

What have you been up to this week? I wanna know!

Daily Diaries with Diaries of an Essex Girl


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