A post by Alfred Angelo

Today I decided to let Alfred Angelo take over my blog for a bit. He certainly has a lot to say, though not a whole lot of it is about beautiful wedding dress designs.

wedding dress

The dude has no interest in this. The nerve, right?


Without further ado, I think I’ll step aside because my cat really is a pretty interesting guy.


Hello, readers of The Journey, I know my mom is usually the one doing all the talking around here, but I feel like I should get a turn once in a while. Especially because I take care of the house ALL DAY while she’s off at adult day-care. She calls it work, but whatever. I guard the house, make sure it smells like me, drink all the water drops left in the tub, get rid of bugs, and I work hard!

Alfred Angelo

But first, let me take a selfie!

Let me share with you what my day is like. This is the real work.

Each day starts at 4am, for all interested.

4:03am: Mom won’t get up. She’s been laying in that bed for FOREVER now. I don’t think she loves me anymore. I think she forgot about me. I should cry about it and yell throughout the whole house to remind her that she needs to love on me RIGHT NOW.

6:20am: She’s finally up! Wait, why is she closing the bathroom door? PANIC! There’s a lot of noise going on in there. Is that water? I like water. Let me do a couple laps around the house to see if I can find some.

6:27am: Oh, the water was in my bowl. I had to step in it to find it though.

6:36am: PRAISE she opened the door. Time for me to take my watch post here on the toilet seat. I don’t know how this woman would ever get ready in the mornings without me staring at her and mentally telling her how to do each step of her hair and makeup.

6:55am: Breakfast Tiiiiiime! Mom is still doing make up. Time to cry until she realizes my bowl is only half full and I clearly need a whole bowl to survive ALL day working around here. Better run a couple more laps around the house to make sure everything’s ok.

don’t forget my food, don’t forget my food, don’t forget my food…

7:40am: I know it’s time for her to go adult day care and for my work day to begin. But I don’t really want to work today, I want to go EXPLORE THE WILDERNESS outside the apartment. I know my one and only chance to debouch is to dart through the door while Mom’s paying attention to not spilling her oatmeal as she leaves. Time to try…

7:45am: Plans foiled.

7:50am-5:30pm: Play, nap, watch out the window. Nap, play, scratch on the tree. Nap. Roll around on the carpet. Make sure no one breaks in the house. Nap.

5:32pm: Mom’s hoooooomeeee! I better cry out of joy so she doesn’t forget that I’m here. Mooooooommmm!!! Plaaaaaay!

6:45pm: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS SHE DOING?! This woman is jumping and laying down and pushing herself up over and over again. Why is that man talking to her like he’s here? He’s on the TV! Why is she sweating? It’s only 30 minutes!

Cuddling while sweating? EW! Look at my face!

Cuddling while sweating? EW! Look at my face!

7:30pm: Closed the door to the bathroom again. Sounds of water again. Who knows what wonderful drinks of shower water I’m missing right now.

8:00pm: Now that I’ve sufficiently crawled all over her and planted myself firmly on her stomach, I am satisfied for the day. I don’t feel the need to do much of anything anymore. It’s been an exhausting day and tomorrow I’ll have to do it all again.

Cat sleeping


But it’s worth it for this woman who feeds and loves me. I guess I kind of like her too.

Bed time, I have a strict 4am wake up time for guard duty.



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