Weekly Wishes!

Chicago Wishes

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 This weekend felt like I was running and doing nothing at the same time. After a whirlwind trip to Chicago meeting all of the wonderful teachers I’ll be spending my summer with, learning to create excellent lessons, and getting to know the school and neighborhood I’ll be working in, I needed some good rest. Saturday I did just that. Gave myself a pedicure, deep conditioned my hair, cooked a big dinner. Sunday was for catching up and a day date with D. This week is already off to a running start with a full moon and interviewing people to find my own replacement!

On to weekly wishes!

Last week’s wishes were to:

1) Get 2 weeks worth of blog posts planned and written. 

2) Study for my SpEd licensure exams.

3) Drink more water.

Y’all. I failed more than just a little on these goals last week. Ugh.

I definitely didn’t get blog posts written and scheduled- I hardly even posted last week and didn’t schedule anything for while I was out of town! I did study for my exams but not nearly as much as I should have- my exams are this coming weekend! AHH! And really I did worse on my water intake than I had been.

So I’m just going to keep these goals and let them rollover to this week. Hopefully you all did better with your goals than I did! Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes!

  1. Kudos to getting some good rest this past weekend! I’m glad you were able to get a pedicure in, too. I need to do one soon!

    Don’t get discouraged! We all have those weeks when our intentions are good but we get a little caught up. I wish you the best in your goals and hope that you’re able to accomplish them 🙂

    And good luck on your upcoming exam.


  2. I so glad you had a great time in Chicago. I’m a wee bit envious of your pending move. I love it there! Good luck with your exam and your other goals this week. I’ve been known to roll my goals into the next week, so don’t sweat it. 😉


    • Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one that sometimes needs a little extra time with my goals. I had never been to Chicago before this past week but I am definitely looking forward to exploring more!


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