Traveling Tuesday- Europe

Travel Tuesday


Time for another installment of Traveling Tuesday around here! Stick around for more posts in the weeks to come or see my previous post on Mexico and how I got started traveling.

Today, I’m bundling an entire continent into one post!

I thought about separating it out, but it was such a great trip and done at one time with one friend, I think it makes more sense to talk about it all at once!

A friend and I from my exchange student days met up at her home in Germany a couple years after our respective student exchange years. We made up our itinerary as we went so our trip was completely modifiable, and ended up seeing 5 different countries in 4 weeks! Thank you Europass! (This, of course, happened before the movie Taken came out and we realized we should have been more careful. Oops. You live and you learn.)

Eiffel Tower

We spent our first week exploring around the German cities of Cologne, Berlin, Bremen, and Bremerhaven. We walked through cathedrals and monuments, experienced history at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate, and drank coffee in the little street cafes.


Our next stop was The Netherlands! We only spent a day there and saw the city of Amsterdam, which was beautiful in it’s own way and definitely interesting. No, we didn’t partake in any of the more controversial activities there, but there was plenty to see other than that!


Next stop, France. We spent a few days with another exchange friend in Lille, then took the train tunnel over to London, England. We spent another day exploring the city and taking in the sites, taking pictures and laughing as we went.

My friend stayed an additional day in Lille, while I took a solo mini trip to Tournai to meet up with yet another friend from my days as an exchange student! It had been years since I’d seen her, but being back together felt like we were never apart. The city of Tournai was having a festival that day, and we were able to observe a parade and catch up under the shade of an umbrella with a cup of tea in the cutest cafe.

Returning to France, I picked up my friend and we hopped on a train to Paris!

Moulin Rouge.jpg

The Moulin Rouge!

We spent a few days in Paris, but I don’t think we could have seen everything even if we stayed a weeks! We did our best to briefly see as much as possible all the while catching up with- you guessed it- yet another exchange student friend!

We spent time being Princesses at Château de Fontainebleau, danced at the Moulin Rouge, picnicked at the Eiffel Tower, and prayed at the Sacre Coeur. It was a wonderful trip full or reunions and time spent exploring with friends.

Statue Poses


Looking back through these pictures make me miss my exchange friends something fierce. It may be years in between the times we see each other but it’s always fun when we do. I am so blessed to have made these friends in my travels and I can’t wait to get back to see them again!

These people made this trip on of my all time favorites (then again, I might say that about every place). What’s the greatest place you’ve ever been? Why? Let me know!


5 thoughts on “Traveling Tuesday- Europe

  1. I’ve never been outside the country but I’m loving your trip so much. It’s been my dream to be in Europe especially in Paris and London! 🙂


  2. I’ve never been to Europe but it sure looks like you’ve had fun! It’s so great that you’ve stayed in contact with people that you’ve met everywhere. Sometimes those long-distance friends become best friends. Happy travels to you!


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