Daily Diaries [a link-up]

Daily Diaries

Today I’m linking up with Kate to give a little recap of this week’s events. As Kate explains, sometimes as bloggers we don’t share as much of our daily happenings on our blogs, and sometimes it’s fun to get some insight as to how we all spend our lives in the world away from our blogs.

Monday: Work FLEW by! I don’t know how it happened but I wasn’t complaining! Not a bad deal for a Monday!

Tuesday: The full moon claimed a few victims and City Hall was busy with people and phone calls. Plus I read over 200 pages of material for my licensure exam this weekend. Woo it was tiring!

Wednesday: I restarted P90X3. Yep! I had pretty much failed when I went to Chicago because after I came back I didn’t do a single workout. So my punishment is going right back to the beginning and trying again at day 1. Now I’m even more determined though. Plus, now I’m doing it paradromic to D which makes it easier because he can push me to do my best! 90 days and there should be some big changes!

Thursday: Work went by slowly and by lunch I was SO hungry. Like I-Could-Eat-A-Horse hungry. Plus, allergies had my eyes burning and I was one hot mess. However, after work I went home and changed and got ready for date night with D! We don’t go out as often as we probably should so it’s a big deal for us. We had so much fun out together that I completely forgot to take any pictures for the blog. Oops, sorry!

Friday: Today I’ve spent my morning studying for my exam tomorrow, and will probably just keep going on this throughout the day. I’m so nervous for tomorrow but I know at this point there isn’t a lot I can do but try!

This weekend I have the first of my 2 SpEd licensure exams, so I’ll be there for 6 hours and then probably collapsing into an exhausted ball on my bed for the rest of the day. Sunday will be Easter with time spent D and friends enjoying a relaxing day with lots of food. Yum.

How was your week? Link up with us for a glimpse into the lives of the bloggers around you!
Daily Diaries with Diaries of an Essex Girl


Today’s word is paradromic, meaning adjacent or side by side.


3 thoughts on “Daily Diaries [a link-up]

  1. Woah, can’t believe you are doing P90X! I tried Insanity and only managed a month, P90X looks super extreme. Excited to see what progress you make with it, maybe it can motivate me? 😉


  2. Wow, as a former teacher of at-risk kids (13 year career), my hat is off to you as someone with aspirations to become a special ed teacher! Tough job! Good luck in your promising future!


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