Welcoming May! Goal setting time!


Weekly Wishes

Monday Monday! This weekend flew by in a whirlwind! Saturday I took part in a photo shoot for a woman that works in City Hall. She has a side business doing make up for events and making jewelry and needed some photos for her portfolio. So I got my makeup done and some photos with fabulous jewelry. It was a lot of fun but so exhausting! I wasn’t cut out for that model life! haha. I won’t see the actual pictures until she’s able to get them all worked out for her business, but I did manage to capture a couple selfies!


2014-05-03 16.12.29

Saturday night I babysat for a family that I hadn’t seen since I graduated college. This kids are so sweet and it was a fun night with crafts and a movie.

Sunday I got all the errands ran- groceries and the like. Then I cooked a big dinner and made some “finals” cookies for D. He’s studying for his last exam ever this week and I could not be more proud of him.

We have a new month! April rushed by and May seems like it will too. Let’s take a look at April’s wishes:

1) Do The Color Run and take lots of fun pictures! Done! I still need to post about it though!

2) Get some pictures taken of D and I. Nope. Oops. Maybe this month?

3) Write our and plan out this month’s Travel Series! Done! And it will be continuing into May.

4) Spend as much time outside as possible. Oh yes. I’ve been taking walks outside almost daily and finding excuses to get outside. I need to soak up the warmth before Chicago!

5) Keep going with P90X3. More or less. I ended up pushing reset on this goal and starting over. I’ve been doing better this time around!

This month, my goals are pretty simple!

1) Get some pictures taken of D and I. A rollover that can still be done!

2) Focus on moving and get packed up.

3) Save as much $$ as possible for moving and summer expenses.

4) Keep on keeping on with P90X3!

Sounds good to me! Let’s go!

What are your goals for the month? Link up and let me know! I’ll cheer you on!

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6 thoughts on “Welcoming May! Goal setting time!

    • Thank you so much! We’re moving to Chicago! I’m moving for Teach for America and he got a fancy real job at Discover! It’s funny how life works out sometimes!


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