Weekly Wishes!

Weekly Wishes

An outtake from pictures this week- I’ll be sharing more of these pictures in the coming days!

Was it just me or did the past week seem to last FOR-EV-ER? It seemed to me that last weekend was a long time ago! But, in line with the week lasting a long time, the weekend did too! It was definitely refreshing and relaxing. I slept and snuggled with Megan’s puppy while she was gone for the weekend and shopped and got my oil changed and painted and had dinner with a good friend yesterday. The weekend was productive and lovely. Plus, on Saturday morning D left for Chicago! His first day of work is today and we’re super excited to see where this job takes him. I’ll be heading up there in a few weeks, so though I’ll definitely miss him, we both know it’s super temporary and for the best. By time I get there he’ll already by used to the area!

Anyway, on to my weekly goals!

Last week, I was going to:

1) List all of my furniture on Craigslist. Ha, funny Destiny. Nope, but I’ll try again this week.

2) Work on my TFA pre-institute work more. Yes! Still have some to go but I’m satisfied with my progress.

3) DO LAUNDRY. I STILL NEED TO DO THIS. I took some things to the dry cleaners so at least I’ll have work clothes!

4) Get everything set up for moving. Yep! SO weird to think about, but it’s all getting so real!

This week, my goals are to:

1) List my things on Craigslist. It’ll be nice to have a little extra moving money, plus I really just need to get rid of anything that won’t fit in my car. AKA furniture.

2) Laundry. Forever.

3) Look around on the internet at more neighborhoods in Chicago and see where I want to live! I have time to figure this out but it’s fun to just look around and get a feel for the different areas. 

4) Start packing things that I don’t use on a regular basis. Winter clothes, household things/decorations, etc. Time to start seeing what I want to take with me and what will be donated and sold. 

That will do it for this week? Leave me a comment with your goals for week so I can cheer you on. If you blog about them, link up with us by clicking the button below!

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes!

    • Thank you! We had so much fun with the pictures. Going through them my favorites are all the ones we are laughing at each other and none of the more serious ones. Oh well!


    • It never ends! I wonder how long I can get away with the clothes that are at the back of my closet before I have to actually wash the ones I regularly wear! 😉


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