Pros and cons of living with your significant other.

Pros and Cons

I don’t kill spiders.

I can’t and I won’t. Maybe I should clarify- the tiny little things smaller than a pencil tip? Sure. Any bigger than my pinky nail- that’s boyfriend territory. That’s when I shout and freak out calmly say to D that there is a GIANT KILLER spider and it’s going to eat me. And he comes over to wherever I’m yelling from and removes the threat.

So, as an ode to not killing spiders, I figured I’d share the top 10 perks and the low points of living with your significant other. Number one clearly being not having to kill spiders.

2. I am a movie talker. I’m sorry. I’m one of those people. But if I don’t quite understand what’s going on or I missed something I want to know RIGHT NOW what’s going on. That’s where D comes in. Sounds simple, but SO important to have someone there who can’t doesn’t get annoyed with me asking questions all the time.

3. Opening jars. Enough said.

4. I have someone to force me to workout support my workout ambitions.

5. Scared of that thing that sound that could totally be creepers but is probably a cat outside in the bushes? Big strong boyfriend man to the rescue.

6. Need some reassurance after a rough day at work? D knows the words I need to hear.

7. Sometimes I come home and the dishes are MAGICALLY clean. So that’s pretty neat.

8. You get the perks of being married… without actually having to get married. You get to know each other on a deeper level. Everything from bad habits to what they are like when they’re unbearably cranky to their deepest dreams and fears and hopes.

9. Cuddling. Cuddling every day.

10. Living in the comfort of knowing that every day you get to go to sleep and wake up with a person who loves you for everything that you are and supports you in your every goal and is there for you 100%.


And now the cons:

1. Remember up in pros how I talked about knowing their bad habits? Yeah, that. For example, you learn that they leave their shoes right at the bedroom door every night so you trip over them in morning. Every. Night. They also learn how you go through phases of cleanliness like the phases of the moon (read: some weeks I don’t like to clean).

2. Sharing a bathroom. Men are dirty. Enough said.

3. Money talks are…uncomfortable. But if you’re actually ready for it, they become easier. Finances are a touchy subject for most anyone, so you have to be ready and willing to talk openly about them and what your goals are.

4. They are ALWAYS there. Again, good and bad. Having him around is the best thing ever, but sometimes, alone time is pretty great as well. Thankfully, our work schedules have allowed us to have time alone.

5. Less quality time together. I know this one seems counter-intuitive because you are together a lot of the time. But there’s a difference between hanging out in front of a TV show and spending real, intentional, time together. It’s important to remember to still plan out date nights and keep things fun.


D moved up to Chicago last weekend, which means I have about 2 more weeks now of living alone before I follow up to Chicago as well. We won’t be living together in Chicago (I’ll be in TFA housing and then living a bit closer to where I’ll be working) which is a bummer but we know this is what’s best for both of our respective careers. Plus, we get the excitement of making plans and dating again! So really it’s all good.

What do you think? Have you lived with a boyfriend/girlfriend before? What were the good and bad aspects? Or would you even consider it?


10 Things You Need To Know If We’re Going To Be Best Friends

10 Things You Need to Know

1. I’m a car singer. And dancer. If you don’t sing and dance really obnoxiously in the car with me I get pretty bummed.

2. I will probably eat off your plate. Not just sometimes, but almost every time. I just want to make sure yours is delicious too! And don’t worry, I’ll share mine.

3. I love taking pictures with you. I do. (As evidenced in the photos above) Let’s have photo shoots, ok?

4. You can always come over in your pajamas and/or yoga pants with no make up and your hair undone because, chances are, I will always be in yoga pants with no make up and my hair undone.

5. I love everything and everyone a little too fast and a little too hard. I grew up in a big family and to love is all I know. This means I will be hurt, but it also means I will always know how to heal.

6. I LOVE shows like Say Yes To The Dress and 4 Weddings and such… even though I’m no where near getting married.

7. I want to hold your hand. I’ll hug you whenever I see you.


8. I will probably embarrass you by falling in public. It’s ok to laugh.

9. I’m not really sure what’s out there as far as religion goes, but I believe that there is something out there greater than us and I believe that my loved ones are looking out for me. I believe I can feel them when I need it most.

10. Most importantly- My family is everything to me. I treasure them with everything I have and will drop anything at the drop of a hat for them.

Now that you know my essentials, what are some things I need to know about you? Let’s be friends!

5 Top Tips to Staying Organized.

Staying Organized


In this busy life, it’s easy to get behind on things and let some important dates or duties get a little neglected. Right now, as I’m working full time, living with my boyfriend, doing pre-work for Teach for America, and getting ready to move across the country to a whole new life, things are about as busy as they come.

It would be easy enough to throw my hands up and allow myself to feel overwhelmed by all the paperwork, packing, and big decisions I’m having to make right now, but thanks to being busy throughout college I’m more comfortable like this and have found a fool-proof system to keeping everything organized.

Number 1- Write things down. Above all else, write down all your to-do’s and tasks and important dates. I use both a planner and notebook, some people prefer one or the other. Whatever you do, just be sure that it makes sense for YOU.

  • Pros to a planner: Everything has its precise place, laid out to separate each day, often has notes sections for things that don’t quite fit
  • Pros to a notebook: More creative, draw, journal, doodle in whatever you want to keep or remember. Easier to write out snippets of blog post ideas.

Number 2 Carry your notebook/planner with you. Everywhere. I used to be the girl that left her planner at home. Not anymore! You best believe that baby is with me at work, out shopping, and in my purse on a daily basis. You never know when something will come up that you need to get down or remember or when you’ll get that uneasy feeling that you forgot to do something. If it’s with you, whip it out and check it!

This has also come in handy for me in a job interview. They asked how I stayed organized, and I was able to pull out my planner and show them! (Yep, I got the job)

Number 3– Color Coding. This is important. This keeps your work things separate from your cat (or kid) things and your friend things and your appointments. Some people don’t like colors, but they make me happy in addition to keeping me organized.

Color Coding

Number 4- Eliminate Clutter. This is one of my biggest things. Keeping my apartment clean helps to keep my head cleared of clutter as well. If things are messy around my home, they probably are in the rest of my life too, haha. I try to do a little cleaning every day (run a load of dishes, sort laundry, etc.) and then on the weekends I do a more thorough job of cleaning the floors, bathroom, kitchen, whatever needs it. Doing a little at a time helps me keep from feeling overwhelmed by messes and helps keep my house consistently clean at the same time. Win-win.

Number 5- Last but not least, SLEEP. Humans 100% cannot function properly without enough sleep. I get cranky and confused and sloppy with my work- it’s just not a good thing for anyone. I get extra emotional and have trouble focusing on the important things and generally feel like the sky is falling if I’m too sleep deprived. All in all it makes me INCREDIBLY unorganized. I’ve seen this in a lot of other people too. Take a nap, get a full 8 hours a few nights a week, and cut down on the 3am bedtimes.


Now of course, I’m not a life expert and won’t claim to be, but I have had my fair share of busy days and am pretty organized if I do say so myself. This system has come as a result of trial and error and works great for me, but of course feel free to make adjustments and most importantly do what feels and works best for you. 

This Time Last Year. [#TBT]

Throw Back


After Brittany and Kate both wrote down their thoughts about how far they’ve come in the past year, I knew it would be good for me to do the same and look back at where I was and where I am.

Kate’s post really hit me because, even though I didn’t know it then, we were in similar places in our lives then and now both of us are better off.

Plus, today is #ThrowbackThursday, so what better day than today to share?

This time last year:

  • I had just begun blogging and wasn’t really sure what to do with this little space of mine.
  • I was nannying the best little boy. And Winston the husky.
  • My sweet great nephew had just been born and I fell incredibly in love.
  • I was livin’ it up as a single lady (or at least I was telling myself I was) and started falling for a friend. This would turn into a short-lived romance of me trying to convince myself he was right for me and eventually a break up that opened up my eyes to what was going on.
  • In that line of thinking, I was “over D” but still really sad that what we had was over… Little did I know that I’d be sitting here today happy to be able to say that I’m totally not over him one bit. He’s really the best person I know and treats me like the most important person in the world. We’re both in better places now and are happily together.
  • I was getting ready to graduate and thought I would go on to do a Master’s in Public Health.
  • I was an obstreperous young woman, resistant to growing up.
  • I was spending 24 hrs a day in a research lab and hardly sleeping in the name of my Senior Thesis. 9 months of making that baby turned out to a great presentation and paper though!
  • I had just rung the bell at Agnes Scott College, signifying my acceptance of a teaching job in Idaho.

Things are definitely different in my life now, and things are still changing for the better. It feels good to be able to look back and see just how far I’ve really come.

Today’s A to Z word is obstreperous, meaning stubbornly defiant.


Five on Friday!

Alfred Angelo

Someone was pretty skeptical when I told him we had to get out of bed.

1. I am SO thankful for real blog designers because I can’t even figure out how to properly redo my sidebar. Excited to start this process with Kate and make this blog look a million times better and easier to navigate! She’s already been super helpful in explaining things and we haven’t even gotten started!

2. UGH HACKERS. Someone, somewhere got my bank information and tried to use it to eat some lovely meals. Really? You steal my money and the one thing you buy is a couple meals out? Of course my bank shut it down and gave me my money back but this is the 2nd time in the past month that this has happened. Lord, help my patience.

3. I am completely overwhelmed with TFA paperwork and readings and writing and tasks to do. But I can’t help but love it. This morning I was excited to get to work revising my cover letter to their standards. And last night I caught myself smiling as I worked through some papers and watched intro videos. I am so blessed to have this opportunity and I love how busy it makes me because it’s something I’m passionate about and I truly care about.

4. Girls with FREE Redbull came through City Hall today so you know I took part in that. Now I feel much more energized than I do on typical Fridays! And I’m not one bit tired. Hmmm… I wonder why?

5. My friend just confirmed her time off to come see me next weekend! She’s a SpEd teacher that I’ve known for a couple years (and she stayed with me this past summer) and she’s bringing me some resources and going to help me prepare for my time with TFA! I’m so excited to see her and show her around Atlanta!

Whats on your mind today?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Taking Stock

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that sometimes I like to pause with whatever’s going on for a little bit and take stock of what’s going on in my life at the present moment. I feel like I’m always moving and rushing on, it’s nice to take a breath and just write it out. Before beginning this new week, I wanted to stop and take stock of the past week.

Making: Plans for my new apartment
Cooking: Nothing right now, but I’m wishing I had grabbed breakfast this morning!
Drinking: No more soda! My boss has started a competition in the office, I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold out though!
Reading: The Hunger Games series. Yep. On that bandwagon.
Wanting: My space heater back! Work said they were a fire hazard and took them all away. Totally understandable, but my fingers are freezing on my keyboard now!
Looking: At new furniture I’ll only ever have in my dreams. Online window shopping!
Playing: With my budget for the next couple months. Seeing where I can move things around to be able to save up money to be able to go home.
Deciding: Some big things soon. In the end I know things will end up as they should.
Wishing: This cold weather would go away! I’m ready for some GA heat!
Enjoying: Talking and laughing with one of the regulars here. He cracks me up on a daily basis!
Waiting: For Friday for some news on a new opportunity.
Liking: My super cute shoes today. Little black booties are making me feel like a star today!
Wondering: When I should start my travel series for my blog?
Loving: Being able to see my boyfriend almost every day lately. Timing has been on our side this past week and it makes me super happy!
Pondering: What to cook for dinner tonight. My roommate and I BOTH bought groceries yesterday so we are ALL stocked up for a while.
Watching: Revenge ALL the time! Well, not at work of course but at home. I need to catch up on it!
Hoping: That someone brings back my heater or the weather warms up. My frozen fingers are having some trouble typing!
Marveling: At how incredibly kind people can be. And at how not-so-kind some people are on the phone.
Wearing: Suits on suits on suits. AKA work clothes.
Following: Along with a travel blog religiously and seriously considering moving to South Korea
Noticing: My spirit coming back. The excitement of a new city and new opportunities and a new apartment are giving me new life.
Knowing: That I am surrounded by people who support and love me.
Thinking: About whether to take a jump into another new opportunity or now.
Feeling: Pretty optimistic about the next few years!
Admiring: Puppies and kittens at the local shelter
Buying: Apartment things. I’m exciting to stock up my new place!
Bookmarking: DIY websites for later when I’m feeling more crafty
Opening: Myself up to other opportunities. I thought grad school right away was something I wanted, now I’m considering putting it off for a different adventure.
Giggling: Over silly posts from some of my favorite bloggers. I don’t usually read blogs over the weekend so this morning I’m catching up!