Weekly Wishes & Monthly Goals: April



Can you believe it’s already (about to be) April?! I can’t believe that in two short months I will be leaving Georgia to move up to Chicago! How in the world did that happen? I’m so incredibly excited to be starting this new stage of life but at the same time it’s a big change that is proving to be more stressful than I thought. This month will be full of preparation and transitions to be ready for this next step.

A friend of mine from Idaho came to visit me this weekend and we had a ton of fun exploring Atlanta as tourists and then gathering with friends of mine to take a trip to Stone Mountain and do some hiking! We picked the best of days to do our hiking because the weather was perfect! Not too hot, but warm enough to make it enjoyable. The wind at the top was incredible, so we just stayed up there long enough to catch our breath and fill up our water bottles. On the way down the mountain we were entertained by a man on his way up, playing the guitar and singing to everyone along the way. He must have had some amazing lungs to be hiking while singing! After Stone Mountain we grabbed brunch at a DELISH German bakery, paid a visit to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and made our way home. That’s part of the ceiling in the picture above. Isn’t it gorgeous? I absolutely fell in love and felt connected in a way I haven’t in a while.

Let’s take a look at how March’s goals played out:

1) Organize my new apartment! DONE! And it feels amazing! I love being able to go home to a place that really feels like it’s mine.

2) Pay off my credit cards. Ok, I had the best of intentions here. And I did keep my spending freeze as far as clothes and wants go. I had some unexpected medical bills come up this month that took up the money that I would have been able to use for this, but I’m going to keep on trucking along and pay them down a little at a time.

3) Blog more! I did do this one! I’ve been writing more and it’s been wonderful. I’m going to try to keep up this pace especially as things are changing a ton in my life in the coming months!

Two out of three isn’t too bad! Now I’m looking forward to the month ahead and getting ready to wrap things up in Atlanta. 

1) Do The Color Run and take lots of fun pictures! I’m so excited for this! I’ve convinced some friends to do it with me this year and I think it will be a blast!

2) Get some pictures taken of D and I. Too cheesy? Maybe, but before we move away from Atlanta, I’d like some good photos of us here in the city where so much of our lives has happened.

3) Write our and plan out this month’s  Travel Series! I’m super excited to be sharing my travels with you all and just need to make myself sit down and write!

4) Spend as much time outside as possible. The weather is absolute perfection right now and is supposed to stay that way for quite a while. Sunny and in the 70s = I’m in heaven. I want to enjoy this while I can!

5) Keep going with P90X3. I can already tell it’s giving me more energy during the day and I’m super sore which means progress! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next month!

Whew! I think that’s enough for the month. It’s going to be a busy month in the best way possible and I’m ready to see everything I’ve been working for begin to come to fruition. It’s an exciting time in my world!

What are your goals for the month? Link up and let me know so that I can support you through them!


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Welcoming March | Monthly Wishes

A little preview of my new kitchen! A post on that coming soon!

A little preview of my new kitchen! A post on that coming soon!

How is it that March just kind of snuck up on us and came out of nowhere? February has always been a strange and difficult month on me, and this year was no different. However, February’s challenges seemed to be easier to handle this year and whether that means they came in a more gentle way or I’m getting tougher about these things, I’ll take it! I filled my month up with plans that created love around me and celebrated the people I care about most, and I really think that’s a strategy I’m going to be continuing.
Since I didn’t go weekly wishes last week, I really just extended my goals from the week before. Here’s how it went:

1. Budget! Mission semi-accomplished. I did really well not spending, but then I moved into an apartment that was slightly over-budget. More on that later this week!

2. Catch up with friends. Done! I made plans with a few different friends in these past weeks and got caught up and even had a couple date nights with the boyfriend.

3. Get to bed earlier. Not so much… I need to be better about sleeping. I am pretty physically incapable of sleeping in (even on weekends!) so going to bed early is the only way for me to catch up. I’ll keep working on it!

Aaaaand February’s goals!

1) Buy a planner and get everything planned out. Done! And it’s beautiful and everything my nerdy self ever dreamed of. 

2) Do more reading. I did better, but I’d still like to take more time for myself to read.

3) Paint my kitchen table and chairs! Nope! But I actually like how they are looking now so I’m debating painting them at all!

4) Memorize the city council members and offices of the Mayor. Done! I’m pretty proud of myself for this!


Now on to this month’s goals. I applied for a new job that I’ll find out about by the end of next week, so depending on how things go for that there might be some big changes around here soon!

1) Organize my new apartment! I’m going to try and get everything in it’s place so it really feels like a home ASAP.

2) Pay off my credit cards. Yep. I’m going for it. It means I’m putting myself on a spending freeze for the month but I really can’t let them get out of hand! 

3) Blog more! I’m trying to become a better blogger, and I know part of that means blogging more often. I have plenty to say, I just need to sit down and write it out!

There we have it. March’s goals and hopefully some better weather will come along with it!

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Weekly Wishes & February Goals!

February Wishes

February already! Wow! This year is already flying by and I am totally okay with that! I am really enjoying this year so far and taking it all in as it comes. This is such a weird time in my life with tons of changes and choices, and I’m honestly enjoying being able to figure things out and seeing where life takes me.

So for this month, my goals are to:

1) Buy a planner and get everything planned out. I’ve always been the kind of girl who uses a paper planner to make sure things are organized, and this past month without one has felt a bit hectic. Once I can write down my thoughts and plans and lists again I think I’ll feel better in general.

2) Do more reading. Life lately has seemed to hectic to sit down and have time to myself to read. Yes, even with a couple days off because of the storm I felt like I had to be doing something with the people around me rather than taking some me time.

3) Paint my kitchen table and chairs! I want to get this done this month so that when the time comes I can just move it right in.

4) Memorize the city council members and offices of the Mayor. Y’all, this is one of the most difficult tasks of my job so far. I know who the council members are when I hear their names but am having trouble listing them out. And there are 15 offices under the Mayor’s office. FIFTEEN. This is going to be where my study skills from college come in.

So there we have it! Bring it on, February!

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Happy October!

How is it October already?

I realized this morning while on the phone with a friend that it really is October. That means that my birthday is this month! I thought I still had like 4 months before this happened?! I am going to be 23! For real! In my head that seems like an age that I’m supposed to have it all together or something (which I definitely don’t). But it’s just another step in the journey, I suppose!

For me, October has always been a month of change and transition. This makes it a difficult month, but an extremely necessary month. It feels like these past 6 months have been one big time of transition, but I’m hoping that things might settle down a bit by the end of the month.

My goals for this month are to:

1) Get a job!! Priority number one is get some sort of income. I’m really trying to get a job that will also be meaningful to me, but that’s hard in this economy and in my rural area. I have a couple of interviews coming up so I’m hopeful!

2) Get back on my weight loss track. I’ve been all over the place lately, and I think that if I feel better physically I will feel better emotionally!

3) Love on my family and fur-babies as much as humanly possible while I have this time that I’m not working. I’ve been living away from them for so long that this fun-employment time is like a nice long time to catch up with life here at home.
What are some of your goals for the month? Email me or leave a note in the comments so I can send you some support!