10 Things You Need To Know If We’re Going To Be Best Friends

10 Things You Need to Know

1. I’m a car singer. And dancer. If you don’t sing and dance really obnoxiously in the car with me I get pretty bummed.

2. I will probably eat off your plate. Not just sometimes, but almost every time. I just want to make sure yours is delicious too! And don’t worry, I’ll share mine.

3. I love taking pictures with you. I do. (As evidenced in the photos above) Let’s have photo shoots, ok?

4. You can always come over in your pajamas and/or yoga pants with no make up and your hair undone because, chances are, I will always be in yoga pants with no make up and my hair undone.

5. I love everything and everyone a little too fast and a little too hard. I grew up in a big family and to love is all I know. This means I will be hurt, but it also means I will always know how to heal.

6. I LOVE shows like Say Yes To The Dress and 4 Weddings and such… even though I’m no where near getting married.

7. I want to hold your hand. I’ll hug you whenever I see you.


8. I will probably embarrass you by falling in public. It’s ok to laugh.

9. I’m not really sure what’s out there as far as religion goes, but I believe that there is something out there greater than us and I believe that my loved ones are looking out for me. I believe I can feel them when I need it most.

10. Most importantly- My family is everything to me. I treasure them with everything I have and will drop anything at the drop of a hat for them.

Now that you know my essentials, what are some things I need to know about you? Let’s be friends!