Weekly Wishes!

weekly wishes

This weekend was a whirlwind in the very best of ways. Friday I spent cuddled up in my bed studying with D by my side. Saturday I passed my final licensure exam! I am all licensed and official to teach Special Education now! Oh, the relief.

My friend Lissette came to visit from Florida this weekend and it was so great to see her! She came up for our Alma Mater’s alumnae weekend and stayed with me Saturday night. We ended up going to the Sweetwater brewery for some Atlanta fun and then on to the zoo! We were able to see so many baby animals and the baby gorilla was one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen. Saturday night was for dancing and laughing with other alumnae at our college’s 125th birthday party! Good ole Agnes threw a good party for us.

Sunday Lissette had to leave us to drive back down to Florida, and I was in need of a relaxing day to catch up with life. I convinced D to go on a walk with me that ended up with us hanging out at the little lake in our apartment complex feeding some geese and marveling over the turtles and ducklings. We sat on the porch and just enjoyed the sunshine for a couple hours, disconnecting from the world and enjoying each other’s company. Then we came back for a nap just in time! The thunderstorms rolled in and I made sure to open all my windows to let the rain air in.

I’m so sad to see this weekend end! I think I need just one extra day!


On to weekly wishes. Last week’s goals were to

1) Get more sleep. Yep! I could still stand to work on this one but I feel a lot more caught up now!

2) Keep up with my P90X3 workouts. I’ve been doing pretty good with this! I slacked on Saturday because I was busy all day but I keep telling myself it’s worth it! 

3) Wash my face every night. Womp womp. Oh well. I did pretty well but it didn’t happen every night. Sometimes there’s just something so satisfying about falling into bed and going straight to sleep without doing any preparation. 

4) Journal every other night. I did journal quite a bit this past week. It’s helped me to process and work through some things and I feel a lot better about how my brain is working and feel more confident in my choices.

This week, my goals are pretty simple. I don’t have any more studying to do so I can work on some more self-care and work on getting some things ready for Chicago.

1) Figure out what I’m going to do with my apartment. I need to make a decision soon if I don’t want to get penalized for breaking me lease! As long as I give them enough notice I’ll be fine.

2) Plan out this coming weekend. I can’t decide if I wanna take myself on a mini-vacation or take the weekend to clean and catch up on life. I know what I should do but… my xenophilia just ignites the travel bug in me and I want to go SOMEWHERE and see new people and things!

3) Get some of my pre-institute work done for Teach for America. My licensure studying may be done but I’m no where near done with what I need to do before June! It’s a lot of work but it’s going to be so, so worth it.

4) Make some intentional time to spend with friends this week. I’ve gotten into a habit of just doing my own thing once I get home from work but I’d like to plan a couple things out of my apartment this week.

That’ll do for now. What are you goals for the week? Let me know so I can cheer you on!

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Today’s word was xenophilia- an attraction to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs.


Weekly Wishes!

weekly wishes

Where I wish I was this week! Maybe a quick little trip can happen this weekend.


Good Monday Morning!

This morning I woke up refreshed and ready for a busy day. So far, so good. I’m hoping to keep this positive momentum going throughout the rest of the week! This weekend I took my biggest SpEd licensure exam, and I honestly have no idea how I did on it! It seemed that not a lot of what I studied was on the exam, so I guess we’ll just see how it went in a few weeks when I am able to get my results.

Other than that, Sunday was a relaxing Easter. Got some grocery shopping done and some serious thinking and planning on what the future holds for me in Chicago. Like any good raconteur, I have to share one of the most hilarious parts. When I cook, I do it big. Windows open, music loud- not a lot can distract me. However, at one point I looked out the window and saw something that made me stop what I was doing and do a double-take to make sure it was real.

A man with piercings in his face and tattoos on his arms was walking his dogs down the road. Now, that’s not really anything to take a second look at. However, he was wearing bright yellow shorts and a tank top, and had GIANT bunny ears on his head! It was the most entertaining thing I’d seen all day. Happy Easter, indeed!

And with that, let’s take a look at how I did with last week’s wishes! They were rollover wishes from the previous week, and I’m happy to be able to say that I did much better this week!

1) Get 2 weeks worth of blog posts planned and written. Planned- DONE. Written- Mostly done! Still have some writing to do but that’s ok. I’ve got the next month planned out in my planner though so it should be ok!

2) Study for my SpEd licensure exams. I definitely did a lot of this! Even if it didn’t help much, I felt more confident going into the exam at least!

3) Drink more water. I’ll still keep working on this, but I did do better at work about keeping hydrated. It’s just so easy to forget to drink while sitting at a desk all day.

And on to this week’s wishes!

1) Get more sleep. I’ve been staying up way too late lately and my body can feel it! No more of this. I need to try to be in bed by 10pm every night if I’m going to feel good in the morning.

2) Keep up with my P90X3 workouts. I’ve been doing again after my reset but I know it’s going to get harder. I just have to keep pushing myself and telling myself it will be worth it in the end.

3) Wash my face every night. I’ve fallen into a habit of just going to bed with a face full of make up still on from the workday and just washing it off in the mornings. I want to try to wash my face every morning AND night now. I think my face deserves it!

4) Journal every other night. I need to take time for myself to write out everything that’s going on in my head. I’ve had so much on my mind lately that I can’t keep myself focused on the things that matter most. I think giving myself a place to dump out everything I’m thinking will help with that.

I think I’ll stop at that for this week. It’s all about taking better care of myself mentally and physically this week. I know I can’t work my best or be the best version of me for other people if I’m not taking care of myself.

Today’s word has been raconteur, a person skilled in telling anecdotes.

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Weekly Wishes!

Chicago Wishes

Photo via

 This weekend felt like I was running and doing nothing at the same time. After a whirlwind trip to Chicago meeting all of the wonderful teachers I’ll be spending my summer with, learning to create excellent lessons, and getting to know the school and neighborhood I’ll be working in, I needed some good rest. Saturday I did just that. Gave myself a pedicure, deep conditioned my hair, cooked a big dinner. Sunday was for catching up and a day date with D. This week is already off to a running start with a full moon and interviewing people to find my own replacement!

On to weekly wishes!

Last week’s wishes were to:

1) Get 2 weeks worth of blog posts planned and written. 

2) Study for my SpEd licensure exams.

3) Drink more water.

Y’all. I failed more than just a little on these goals last week. Ugh.

I definitely didn’t get blog posts written and scheduled- I hardly even posted last week and didn’t schedule anything for while I was out of town! I did study for my exams but not nearly as much as I should have- my exams are this coming weekend! AHH! And really I did worse on my water intake than I had been.

So I’m just going to keep these goals and let them rollover to this week. Hopefully you all did better with your goals than I did! Let me know in the comments!

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Weekly Wishes!

The Color Run

An “after” picture from The Color Run! More photos and a post about that coming later this week!

This weekend was a blast! Between The Color Run and visiting the Food Truck Park on Saturday and staying in Sunday for an evening of superhero movies and Mexican food with the boy, it was just full of fun and exciting things.

It’s definitely a Monday around here though! We’ve got a thunderstorm here today that, while beautiful and sleep inducing, has created a very wet and gloomy environment here in City Hall! Since my desk is located right under the giant skylight, every time the lightening strikes the whole area lights up!

In addition to that, all this rain has either found a way into my apartment, or my brand new freezer is broken. Either way, my kitchen floor was covered in water this morning. I got most of it sopped up with towels and called my leasing office, so I’ll just hope that they can figure it out today while I’m at work. Not a huge deal, but definitely an inconvenience this morning sine we can’t foresee these complications.

For those of you who are new around here, Weekly Wishes is a time to set goals and keep ourselves accountable for being productive throughout the week. Since I began setting these goals I’ve realized how much more I can get done when I have concrete things to work toward.

Last week I set my monthly goals for April, so this week I’ll reflect on the week before and set up goals for this week!

Last time’s goals were to:

1) Finish putting up artwork around my apartment. 

2) Heal my sprained ankle.  

3) Meal and Grocery Plan

4) Plan a Stone Mountain day with friends. 

I am proud to say that ALL of my goals were accomplished!  My apartment looks so much better now and feels like a home when I step into it with my now-strong ankle! My meals for the week are planned out so I don’t have to think about it when I get home, and a great day at Stone Mountain gave us all a workout and some time to catch up with each other without the daily distractions of the city.

This week, my goals are to:

1) Get 2 weeks worth of blog posts planned and written. This one is cheating a little because I already have 1 week done, but I want to reach further and push myself to get more done.

2) Study A TON for my SpEd licensure exams. I have SO much to read and learn in the next two weeks before I have to take my tests! I’m nervous about how these tests will go.

3) Drink more water. I’ve been doing good about working out but I know my body is dehydrated.

I think 3 is enough for this week! In addition to these goals I’ll also be working on my monthly goals along the way.

What are your goals for the week? Let me know in the comments so I can cheer you on! Feel free to link up with Weekly Wishes by clicking that little button below!


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Weekly Wishes & Monthly Goals: April



Can you believe it’s already (about to be) April?! I can’t believe that in two short months I will be leaving Georgia to move up to Chicago! How in the world did that happen? I’m so incredibly excited to be starting this new stage of life but at the same time it’s a big change that is proving to be more stressful than I thought. This month will be full of preparation and transitions to be ready for this next step.

A friend of mine from Idaho came to visit me this weekend and we had a ton of fun exploring Atlanta as tourists and then gathering with friends of mine to take a trip to Stone Mountain and do some hiking! We picked the best of days to do our hiking because the weather was perfect! Not too hot, but warm enough to make it enjoyable. The wind at the top was incredible, so we just stayed up there long enough to catch our breath and fill up our water bottles. On the way down the mountain we were entertained by a man on his way up, playing the guitar and singing to everyone along the way. He must have had some amazing lungs to be hiking while singing! After Stone Mountain we grabbed brunch at a DELISH German bakery, paid a visit to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and made our way home. That’s part of the ceiling in the picture above. Isn’t it gorgeous? I absolutely fell in love and felt connected in a way I haven’t in a while.

Let’s take a look at how March’s goals played out:

1) Organize my new apartment! DONE! And it feels amazing! I love being able to go home to a place that really feels like it’s mine.

2) Pay off my credit cards. Ok, I had the best of intentions here. And I did keep my spending freeze as far as clothes and wants go. I had some unexpected medical bills come up this month that took up the money that I would have been able to use for this, but I’m going to keep on trucking along and pay them down a little at a time.

3) Blog more! I did do this one! I’ve been writing more and it’s been wonderful. I’m going to try to keep up this pace especially as things are changing a ton in my life in the coming months!

Two out of three isn’t too bad! Now I’m looking forward to the month ahead and getting ready to wrap things up in Atlanta. 

1) Do The Color Run and take lots of fun pictures! I’m so excited for this! I’ve convinced some friends to do it with me this year and I think it will be a blast!

2) Get some pictures taken of D and I. Too cheesy? Maybe, but before we move away from Atlanta, I’d like some good photos of us here in the city where so much of our lives has happened.

3) Write our and plan out this month’s  Travel Series! I’m super excited to be sharing my travels with you all and just need to make myself sit down and write!

4) Spend as much time outside as possible. The weather is absolute perfection right now and is supposed to stay that way for quite a while. Sunny and in the 70s = I’m in heaven. I want to enjoy this while I can!

5) Keep going with P90X3. I can already tell it’s giving me more energy during the day and I’m super sore which means progress! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next month!

Whew! I think that’s enough for the month. It’s going to be a busy month in the best way possible and I’m ready to see everything I’ve been working for begin to come to fruition. It’s an exciting time in my world!

What are your goals for the month? Link up and let me know so that I can support you through them!


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Weekly Wishes!

Weekly Wishes

Aren’t these flowers the prettiest! They were on sale at Home Depot this weekend and now have a joyful place in my house!

Good Monday Morning!

Does anyone else feel like they need an extra day of weekend this time around? My alarm went off this morning and I panicked thinking it was the fire alarm. Oops.

And then, just to prove to myself and the world that I was not prepared for today to happen, I fell in the shower. In. The. SHOWER. Can’t make these things up! (Wish I could, though. It hurt!)

So now I have a sprained ankle and bruises to start the week off. Ouch. But I am still determined to start my P90X3 today, even if it means doing modified versions of the reps while my ankle heals.

Aside from that, I did a bit of cooking and some DIY projects that I’m excited to share with you all throughout the week!

And with that, on to my weekly wishes.

Last weeks wishes were to:

1) Fill out all of my acceptance papers for Teach for America! Done! I’m gearing up for interviews with principals in April.

2) REALLY clear out my living room. Done! I am so proud of myself for getting everything in it’s place.

3) Plan out meals and groceries for the next 2 weeks. Oops, not quite. But I’m working on that today in conjunction with the nutrition guide of P90X3.

4) Plan out a Stone Mountain day with my girls. Didn’t happen this weekend, but I hope it will next weekend! A friend of mine is coming to visit from Kentucky and I think it’d be fun to take her!

Now on to this week-

1) Finish putting up artwork around my apartment. Just because I’m moving in a few months doesn’t mean I can’t have it look pretty for now!

2) Heal this darn ankle.  

3) Staying over from last week- Meal and Grocery Plan

4) Also staying- Plan a Stone Mountain day! I still want to do this. 

There we go! Linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes. Head on over and grad the button if you wanna join in!

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Weekly Wishes!

Teach for America

Still so, SO excited!

It’s a brand new week which means it’s time for some new weekly wishes!

Last week was full of exciting news and big changes to come. As I work on that and on re-branding and re-designing this blog, I’ve got a whole new set of goals to work toward.

Let’s take a look at last week’s wishes:

1) Get better. Done! Mostly. I’ve still got a bit of a lingering cough, but at least I’m able to be back at work (I missed 2 days last week!) and feel a million times better!

2) Clear out the living room of things that don’t belong there. Also mostly done. I put most things away where they are supposed to go, but I’m still trying to find a place for a couple more things. At the same time, I’m getting rid of things I won’t be able to take with me when I move!

3) Consciously enjoy this stage of life. Happening. Everyday. I keep reminding myself and life keeps throwing things at me that remind me of just how lucky I am in this life. 

Now right on to this weeks goals!

1) Fill out all of my acceptance papers for Teach for America! I’m so excited to be starting on this journey!

2) REALLY clear out my living room. I am determined this week!

3) Plan out meals and groceries for the next 2 weeks. I let myself get a bit behind while I was sick so now I’ve got to get back on track! I feel so much better when I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to make because it’s already all ready for me! 

4) Plan out a Stone Mountain day with my girls. We had brunch this past weekend and it was lovely. And I’ve been nominated to plan next weekend’s outing! The weather is supposed to be wonderful so I think a little hike is in order!

What are your goals this week? Link up with us over at Weekly Wishes!

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Weekly Wishes!

It’s Monday! Which means it’s time to write out my goals for the week and link up to Weekly Wishes to keep myself accountable for following through! I’m sniffling and coughing my way through the day today and willing my body to get it together ASAP! This weekend wasn’t near as productive as I wanted it to be because my body was so exhausted from fighting this illness, so I’m hoping this week will bring better health!

Last week I wrote out my goals for the whole month of March, so I’ll get straight to this weeks goals today:

1) GET BETTER. At the end of last week I knew I was getting sick. This weekend it hit. Hard. I don’t have time for this! I need to feel better so I can do my job to the best of my abilities and so I’m not so tired all the time!

2) Clear out the living room of things that don’t belong there. When I moved in, I just put everything into the living room. Little by little I’ve been putting things where they belong but there’s still a pile of boxes in the middle of the floor!

3) Consciously enjoy this stage of life. This week will bring the final decision on if I move to a new job or not, and I’m working on really and truly being ok with however things go. I need to not be upset if I need to move for this job, and not be upset if I don’t get it and end up staying where I am. There really are great aspects to both options, I just need to remind myself of that more.

Linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes!

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Welcoming March | Monthly Wishes

A little preview of my new kitchen! A post on that coming soon!

A little preview of my new kitchen! A post on that coming soon!

How is it that March just kind of snuck up on us and came out of nowhere? February has always been a strange and difficult month on me, and this year was no different. However, February’s challenges seemed to be easier to handle this year and whether that means they came in a more gentle way or I’m getting tougher about these things, I’ll take it! I filled my month up with plans that created love around me and celebrated the people I care about most, and I really think that’s a strategy I’m going to be continuing.
Since I didn’t go weekly wishes last week, I really just extended my goals from the week before. Here’s how it went:

1. Budget! Mission semi-accomplished. I did really well not spending, but then I moved into an apartment that was slightly over-budget. More on that later this week!

2. Catch up with friends. Done! I made plans with a few different friends in these past weeks and got caught up and even had a couple date nights with the boyfriend.

3. Get to bed earlier. Not so much… I need to be better about sleeping. I am pretty physically incapable of sleeping in (even on weekends!) so going to bed early is the only way for me to catch up. I’ll keep working on it!

Aaaaand February’s goals!

1) Buy a planner and get everything planned out. Done! And it’s beautiful and everything my nerdy self ever dreamed of. 

2) Do more reading. I did better, but I’d still like to take more time for myself to read.

3) Paint my kitchen table and chairs! Nope! But I actually like how they are looking now so I’m debating painting them at all!

4) Memorize the city council members and offices of the Mayor. Done! I’m pretty proud of myself for this!


Now on to this month’s goals. I applied for a new job that I’ll find out about by the end of next week, so depending on how things go for that there might be some big changes around here soon!

1) Organize my new apartment! I’m going to try and get everything in it’s place so it really feels like a home ASAP.

2) Pay off my credit cards. Yep. I’m going for it. It means I’m putting myself on a spending freeze for the month but I really can’t let them get out of hand! 

3) Blog more! I’m trying to become a better blogger, and I know part of that means blogging more often. I have plenty to say, I just need to sit down and write it out!

There we have it. March’s goals and hopefully some better weather will come along with it!

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Weekly Wishes!

Another week has flown by around these parts, thanks mostly to the ice storm we had that gave us a nice weekend in the middle of the week. We worked Monday and Friday last week and that’s it! The rest of the week was spent taking long walks/ skates on the ice, snuggling my friend Megan’s puppy, and cooking just about ALL the food ever. Because why not?

On to my goals, last week’s wishes were to:

1. Pull off a successful surprise for my boyfriend’s birthday. Done! The snow made it so we couldn’t go, but I told him what was going to happen and we rescheduled to do it in a couple weeks.

2. Get in a few good workouts despite the big storm we’re supposed to be having this week! Did it! One workout I’m counting is moving all my furniture things into storage until I move next month. They were just taking up too much space and lifting all that gave me a good arm workout!

3. Figure out my banking status. Finally taken care of! Got a brand new bank and saving plan in order!

I feel pretty accomplished for last week! Now onto this week’s wishes. I hope to:

1. Budget! I got a little crazy this weekend buying bedding for my new apartment and getting excited about having money again from fixing my bank. This week I need to work on controlling my spending so I can put more into savings!

2. Catch up with friends. Is it bad that I need to make this a conscious goal? Probably, but it’s needed. I’ve been so back and forth and running around with life lately and I need to take a minute and spend time with people who really matter.

3. Get to bed earlier. For those of you who know me in real life this probably sounds silly because I got to bed at like 10 or 10:30, which is already early for a lot of people. I got behind on sleep this weekend though catching up on Revenge, and I need it for work!

My goals are pretty simple for this week but I feel like they’re super important. What are your goals for the week? Need some encouragement? Link up with us through Weekly Wishes!

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