You know it’s busy when…


Daily Diaries

You know it’s a busy day at work when it’s Friday at 2pm before you realize and all of a sudden you haven’t edited that post you wanted to publish this morning and there’s really only time to take a bit of a work break before getting back to business getting ready for this event Monday and run on sentences are all you can handle.

In that light, instead of what I had planned I’m going to link up with Kate for her Daily Diaries link up! Daily Diaries is a link up where bloggers can take some time to let readers a little further into their day-to-day lives.

Let me break it down:

Monday– Normal day at work, but in the evening I went out with my girls to celebrate a friend’s successes. I love being able to watch as my friends grow and do such great and wonderful things with their lives.

Tuesday– I studied and did quite a bit of my TFA pre-work. Some reflections and realizations hit me harder than I thought they would while reading these articles!

Wednesday–  I received a mini facial kit from Rebekah and Rodan and Fields. Holy moly, it was wonderful. My face feels AMAZING still. Consider me hooked!

I wrote about success and felt good on the last day of April. Then got a call from my Ugandan mom. Hearing her say she’s proud of me is definitely a feeling of success and joy.

Thursday– D came and had lunch with me at work before heading off to start his day at work. Even though we live together, our work schedules are so opposite that we don’t see each other too much. These lunch dates are nice for us to have a chance to catch up!

Banana Republic was having a huge sale so my friend Megan and I stopped by over there on our way home from work. Exciting times, y’all.

Friday– Today has been a crazy day at work, as evidenced by the sentence at the top of this post. We have a huge event coming up on Monday for the seniors of Atlanta so everyone’s been running around, making calls, and doing paperwork. In addition to our regular every day tasks. Our maintenance men are hard at work setting up tables and everything. It takes a village.

I’m getting my nails done tonight though so all is well.

Coming up this weekend– NO EXAM this Saturday! WOO! Let me do a happy dance real quick for that one! Instead, Saturday I’m getting my make up done by a woman that works here at City Hall and has a make up and jewelry business on the side. She needs photos of people to show to potential clients so, oh darn, I have to pretend I’m a model! haha it should be fun.

Saturday night I picked up a babysitting job till midnight so Sunday will probably be spent catching up on sleep and relaxation and enjoying the weather.

That about does it!

What have you been up to this week? Link up with us and let me know!


Gratitude: A Friday Five

Today I have been struck with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for everything I have. Everything right here in my little job at my little desk in the big city.

Grateful for:

1) Mr. Michael, AKA my work uncle, who protects me from the creepers, entertains me with music and stories, hangs out with me during slow times, and is just an all around good person. It’s not his job to be here every day, much less befriend and become a protector for me, but he does it because he is kind and good and friendly.

2)  Mr. Greg the maintenance man who always greets me in the mornings as if he’s excited to see me. And of course the young guys who work with him (must be in their teens/ early 20s) who usually have a joke to share.

3) Ms. Linda, one of my work moms, who’s job may be cleaning up this joint but she goes way above and beyond for us every single day. She’s always there with the offer of a hug and encouragement. She’s one of the most genuinely happy people I know. She handles the kids that are sent here for court ordered community service and the way she works with them and teaches them to clean is phenomenal.

4) The security guards that work the doors of City Hall. A couple of the older ones will hang out in the atrium (the big area when you come into City Hall, if you’ve been here) where my desk is if they see someone questionable come in. They just observe and make sure that everything runs smoothly with them and are always there if I’m uncomfortable or need help. Plus, 2 of them have awesome mustaches. Like, Monopoly Man mustaches.

5) Everyone that works in the office. One of my best friends is included here, so it’s pretty neat! They may be across City Hall from me for most of the day but when I do see them it’s always a good time. I have so much to learn from them. From my other work mom to the boys who remind me so much of my big brothers to my boss that encourages me to keep looking forward, I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who make me feel so at home. 


What are you grateful for today?

A PSA and promise from me to you:

Well, from me and almost every other receptionist out there.

And maybe this isn’t to you, because you are all wonderfully sweet people and don’t need to be told this, but just in case:

Be kind to the person who answers the phone when you call into a company, office, or government building. I understand sometimes life is frustrating and you really need help. Or you think you are the only one to ever have a specific problem. Or you’re having an emergency. (In this case, please hang up and call the authorities!)

Be Kind

I understand that your problems are important. Your call is important to me, too. I promise, really. And I will do my absolute best to help you or get you quickly to someone who can. If you call me asking about something that no one in my building does, I will do my best to find you the number of the right person to call. Heck, if you call asking for the number to Home Depot, I’ll look that up for you. (I mean, I’d rather you not call City Hall for that, but I’ll do what I can. I’ve done it before.)

I promise to you that I am doing my best. I promise that everyone in City Hall really is working to make this city run as smoothly as possible, but it’s a big city and sometimes we can’t fix every single thing. But if you call, we will try. Hard.

So if and when you call, please be kind to the person answering the phone. Speak to them with the kindness you would extend to a friend. If you call and immediately begin to curse at me or yell at me, it doesn’t feel good. I’ll still help you if I can, but it really doesn’t help your situation, or mine.

I promise I do not control the snow. The storms that come are not my fault. If I could make it sunny year-round I would, but unfortunately that’s not something I, or the mayor, has control over.

I promise I did not make that cop ticket your car while it was illegally parked. That’s his JOB.

I promise I will do my best, if you will please do yours.

Finally Friday! What do you want to be when you grow up?

Is it just me, or has this week seemed to last FOR.EV.ER? I think it had something to do with having to get up at 4am to be at work extra early to work the State of the City breakfast. The event went really well and the mayor even cracked a couple jokes about the snow storms and Tupac (respectfully, of course). You can check it out on my instagram here!

Today, however, I am all caught up on sleep (woo!), I’m wearing a dress at work and my hair is down. Those things all have made for a pretty great day! Now I’m just waiting on 5 o’clock and I’m going with a friend to tour a condo that she’s considering buying. Then, it’s date night with the boy! This weekend is for getting finishing touches for my new apartment (even though I don’t move in for a couple weeks) and relaxing and catching up on bad TV.

I had a conversation with my boss earlier about how I am made to do and be more than a receptionist. Even though this job requires a bachelor’s degree and being able to speak Spanish, it’s not quite what I want to do for the rest of my life. Note: I am 100% grateful to have this job and I actually enjoy doing it. The people I work with are amazing and my superiors and quite inspiring. I am learning a lot about so many things and this job is allowing my to continue moving forward with my life. At the same time, it’s not my passion and, while wonderful, is something that I will be moving on from in a few years at most.

Which got me to thinking- what do I want to be when I grow up?

when i grow up

When I was younger I went through wanting to be a few different things:

  • Nurse (this lasted through my first semester of college- Biology killed that dream!)
  • Teacher
  • Veterinarian
  • Artist (HA! My art skills are sad.)
  • Singer
  • Princess (a girl can dream)
  • Psychologist
  • Flight Attendant

I was a bit of a mixed bag. My college major was Public Health, and I have experience as a teacher.

Now I’m a receptionist for the Mayor.

What happened? Now I just want to be paid for travel (yep, I’m looking into it) and get my master’s in social work so I can work with high needs children.

Getting to my new goal is going to be an adventure in itself and I’m anxious to see where life takes me in these next few years. My boss was encouraging in talking to me about grad school so it’s exciting to know that my job will be okay with me working toward moving on.

In the meantime, I’ll be the best receptionist/ translator I can be!

What did/do you want to be when you grow up?


Weekly Wishes & February Goals!

February Wishes

February already! Wow! This year is already flying by and I am totally okay with that! I am really enjoying this year so far and taking it all in as it comes. This is such a weird time in my life with tons of changes and choices, and I’m honestly enjoying being able to figure things out and seeing where life takes me.

So for this month, my goals are to:

1) Buy a planner and get everything planned out. I’ve always been the kind of girl who uses a paper planner to make sure things are organized, and this past month without one has felt a bit hectic. Once I can write down my thoughts and plans and lists again I think I’ll feel better in general.

2) Do more reading. Life lately has seemed to hectic to sit down and have time to myself to read. Yes, even with a couple days off because of the storm I felt like I had to be doing something with the people around me rather than taking some me time.

3) Paint my kitchen table and chairs! I want to get this done this month so that when the time comes I can just move it right in.

4) Memorize the city council members and offices of the Mayor. Y’all, this is one of the most difficult tasks of my job so far. I know who the council members are when I hear their names but am having trouble listing them out. And there are 15 offices under the Mayor’s office. FIFTEEN. This is going to be where my study skills from college come in.

So there we have it! Bring it on, February!

Linking up Melyssa for Weekly (and Monthly) wishes!

The Nectar Collective

I’m employed again! And it feel so good to say that.

It’s been a long time coming, but as promised, here’s what’s going on in my world!

First and foremost, I got a job! I am now working in City Hall in the mayor’s office! I am beyond excited and extra thankful for my friend Megan who said my name in her office enough times to get her boss to think of me when a job came up! I’ve only been here about a week, but so far I’m loving it. The people in my office are so incredibly kind and hard working, I know I’ll be able to learn a lot from them. And apparently they like me so far because most of this week I’ve been the only one in the office and I already feel confident with what I’m doing. Plus, the view from my desk isn’t too shabby either!

This is seriously what I get to look at all day, every day! When it's not the holiday season, it's a fountain. Gorgeous.

This is seriously what I get to look at all day, every day! When it’s not the holiday season, it’s a fountain. Gorgeous.

One thing that is very different from any job I’ve had before is the dress code! From my nursing job in scrubs to my private school teaching job in casual clothes, being in an extremely professional environment is new. I’m slowly going to be building up a work wardrobe, but for now I have just enough of the basics to get by. Have any suggestions for me about dressing professionally on a budget? Please feel free to share them! Again- I am OH so thankful for my sweet friend Megan who also happens to have a fabulous wardrobe and allows me to borrow her clothes, and shoes, and apartment!

Additionally, I’ve started the apartment hunting process. Living with my best friend is fun but I know I need my own place. Both of us enjoy time together but also enjoy our space and alone time. The options are a little overwhelming but I feel like I’m narrowing it down. It’s hard to decide if I want to live in a place close to work or a place a little further out that’s bigger and has more options. Decisions, decisions. I’ve fallen in love with one place that’s just sliiiiightly outside of my budget range so I’m considering moving some things around. But in reality I know I’ll be happy and be able to make a home out of wherever I end up. It’ll be fun to get all set up. Next week begins the tours, then deciding after that! I’ll make sure to post pictures of before and after my move in too! I’m so glad that my internet community will be sharing this experience with me as well!

That’s all that’s going on in my little corner of the world. Catch me up on what’s been going on in yours?

Interview Clothes!

As a part of this lovely unemployed life style, I’ve been applying to jobs like it is my job. Which thankfully means I’ve been doing quite a few interview these past couple weeks. Hopefully I’ll have more to come in this coming week, and hopefully one of them will lead to an actual job!

But, because I’ve been interviewing a bunch, I have close-to-perfected the interview outfit, depending on what I’m going for. I put together a few outfits on Polyvore that are either exactly what I’ve been wearing or pretty similar. Hopefully this can help someone else out there looking for the perfect interview outfit to land their next great job!

When I was interviewing during the summer and in Georgia, I would usually wear a simple dress- cardigan- flats combo. Here, it’s colder, so I’ve adjusted the wardrobe a bit! And bonus, every piece can be bought for under $50! I’m a total sale shopper so I don’t go for super expensive stuff!

Outfit number one- The office/ PR/ Admin job outfit (s):


Basic black knee-length dress, no cleavage, with a cardigan or blazer over. Or, the other option, basic black dress pants with a jewel or deeper toned top, like my cowl-neck one I’ve been wearing around here. Or the classic white button down with a color cami underneath. I, of course, am a fan of these glitter flats. I know I need to keep it professional, but a little personality never hurts, either!

Option number 2- Casual Teaching Job outfit:

polyvore 2

When I’m interviewing for a younger-age teaching position, I know I most often will be actually interacting with the children. It’s called a “working interview” usually and I love doing them. Those kids have always given me life. This means, however, that I have to be dressed nicely, but comfortably enough that I can be moving around, lifting kids, sitting on the floor, crouching, etc. So I turn to this. My basic black pants, my FAV super soft purple cardigan. Seriously, this sweater is the greatest thing ever. I want to wear it every day. And then simple accessories, And of course an appearance from those glitter flats!

Option number three- A versatile outfit because I feel like it:

polyvore 3

This one I’ve worn for various sorts of interviews. It’s one of my favorites because it can be used for just about anything. I love pearls (the south influenced me!) And a shocker- no glitter flats! I always go with flats regardless, but I included some nude pumps here for those of you who like heels.

What are your go-to interview pieces? Have any tips for me on my seemingly never-ending job search?